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Time… Time is the most appreciated and most desirable resource. We all need time – for our family, for work, for hobbies, for self-improvement and relaxation. Time is money as well.

So time-saving appliances are of great interest for a wide range of people. Multicookers are the most versatile of cooking gadgets in the kitchen, always in high demand among people who value their time.


The latest multicookers models are suitable for all types of cooking. They sear, steam, slow cook, pressure cook, frie, bake, boil, simmer, and make yogurt. And don’t need the user’s presence at all.


Mommy can spend time with her children, engage in sports exercises or hobbies. The reliable assistant takes care of a flavor breakfast, lunch or dinner. And dishes will never be burned. And there are no food smells at home.


Add to these pros that most multicookers have a power consumption of 1000 to 1800 watts. This is slightly less than an electric stove consumes and significantly less than an electric oven. Thus, the multicooker saves not only time but also reduces the electricity costs.



Top multicookers models have a lot of different useful options. Their cooking abilities for various dishes are almost limitless. The user has no need to be profi – excellent dishes taste is guaranteed. And advanced technical gadgets fans will get a real pleasure from communicating with this multifunctional thing.


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Best multicooker

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The main multicookers pros:


The main multicooker difference from a stove is its simplicity. No need for any additional movements. Just drop the ingredients into multicooker and push a couple of buttons. And there isn’t a risk of burning your dinner at an annoying moment.
Manufacturers constantly improve their products and multicookers get new abilities to compete with pair stove+oven. Goulash, fried potato or chicken breasts, sauté, milk or water porridge, soup, macaroni and cheese, sous vide, different cheesecakes, yogurts – the list could be continued.

Multicooker can cook everything.


The combination of multicookers simplicity, usability, and multifunctionality makes these appliances really special gadgets.
Especially important the multicooker modes variety for large families where each family member has their own preferences and tastes.
The stove always eats your time. It always holds you near itself. The multicooker frees you. Enjoy your free time! The pressure cooking mode cuts cooking times dramatically and lets make dinner in an instant.


Top 2021 multicookers list in ascending order:


Crock-Pot 2097590 10-Qt

– 227 ratings at (88% 5 stars):


combines 9 appliances in 1: a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, sauté pan, steamer, saucepan, food warmer, and sterilizer;
15 One-touch cooking programs;
huge 10Qt cooking pot – handy for large families or frequent guests;
easy release steam dial – more safety;
LED pressure status monitor – shows how quickly the multicooker is coming to pressure;
600W – energy saving, but could be not powerful enough for roasting and other high energy cooking processes;
delay start;
3 spare seals and a glass lid.


large size – takes up lots of space; if your family isn’t large consider a smaller one;
big weight – you need strong arms;
short enough cord;
cooking pot with a nonstick coating – is the minus if you prefer uncoated stainless pot, but it’s much more handy to wash;
doesn’t have air fry mode.


The simple big unit of black stainless color for a large family or party combining the whole range of most necessary options. Also great for meal prepping for the week ahead. Nice enough price for such a big appliance. It needs an accessible outlet nearby. The warranty is only 1 year compared to other manufacturers.


Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Instant Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6 Qt

– 5600+ ratings at (83% 5 stars).


price – the lowest one in this top models list;
9 appliances in 1;
15 instant one-touch cooking programs: Poultry, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chili, Soup, Sauté/Sear, Cake, Rice, Egg, Multigrain, Porridge, Steam/Veggies, Slow cook, Keep Warm, Yogurt, and Pressure Cook;
custom cooking mode: user can manually input cooking times, temperatures and adjust pressure at 3 levels;
deluxe accessory kit;
stainless steel (18/8) inner pot;
2 year warranty – better than other multicooker models;
1000W – still may be called “energy-saving” comparing with electric stove+oven, but preahiting isn’t fast enough;


6 qt inner pot – a small enough, not for large company;
doesn’t have air fry mode.


This model has a great similarity with IP models, these units are both currently made by the same manufacturer. So you could make your choice by best value, your preferences to appliance appearance and control interface, and a number of persons to feed. This multicooker has a stainless steel cooking pot without chemical coating, but notice that the cleaning of the nonstick pots is easier. Also, this unit has a nice addition – accessory kit including glass lid, heat resistant silicone mitts, 2 egg racks, etc. It has in general the same options and modes as the model above, but the smaller size and inner pot volume, and still don’t have air fry mode.


Instant Pot 8 Qt Duo Crisp Combo Pressure Cooker Air Fryer

– 16000+ ratings at (85% 5 stars)


11-In-1 appliance, the widest range of 1-Touch Cooking Programs, including air fry, sous vide, and dehydration;
2 convenient, removable lids;
multi-level air fryer basket with dehydrating and broiling tray;
overheat protection, automatic pressure and temperature control;
steam release button constructed intend to vent steam from a distance;
8 qt stainless-steel (18/8) inner pot safe for the dishwasher;
1500W – fast heating, powerful, but still energy-saving comparing with electric stove+oven;


price – but this minus is in doubt considering the unit multifunctionality;
both lids are high and heavy enough – you need a space to use and to store them;
the air fryer basket is nonstick;
doesn’t have the yogurt maker and sterilize functions;
doesn’t have the multicooker recipe book;


Instant Pot is one of the manufacturers of the best-selling multicookers of all time. Considering the reviews, this device is one of the best kitchen appliances that customers have ever used. Innovative Even Crisp technology ensures a perfect golden crisp for the juicy tender food every cooking time. This unit uses only 2 tablespoons of oil to cook common deep-fried meals. It’s so healthy, isn’t it?! This gadget cooks delicious dinner for a company of up to 8 persons in autopilot mode by one-touch preset cooking programs. It’s pretty safe and easy to use.

Instant Pot Ultra 6 Qt 10-in-1

– 30000+ ratings at (86% 5 stars).


10-in-1 appliance;
embedded microprocessor adjusts heating intensity and cooking duration, controls the pressure and temperature;

big LCD display;
ultra button for custom programming allow to set the exact temperature;
11 certified safety features;
new steam release reset button;
stainless-steel (18/8) inner pot;
start delay up to 24 hours;
1000W – still may be called “energy-saving” comparing with electric stove+oven, but preahiting isn’t fast enough;


doesn’t have air fry mode;
6 qt inner pot – this isn’t a minus for a small family or single person.


This is really a cosmic appliance – the next generation computerized multicooker. It’s so attractive in its best black and stainless color! The flexibility that the Ultra programming gives for the user makes this unit of the most versatile cooking gadgets. The multicooker has an LCD display that shows the progress through the preheat, cooking, and warming phases. In customers’ opinion, this one is the best multicooker manufactured by Instant Pot. But if your family is large, better look at gadgets with 8Qt inner pot and bigger.

Ninja FD401 Foodi pressure cooker air fryer 8Qt 9-in-1 Deluxe XL

– 31000+ ratings on (88% 5 stars).


9-in-1 appliance including Air Fry/Air Crisp;
14 certified safety features;
8-quart nonstick ceramic-coated inner pot, PTFE/PFOA free;
5-quart nonstick ceramic-coated crisp basket;
simple user friendly interface;
large cooking capacity good for large family or guests – up to 8 chicken breasts at once;
easy-to-read pretty contrast timer;
color cookbook;
1760W – not energy-saving, but the most powerful and fast, and still better in energy costs than stove+oven.


big size – it needs a space;
the older-style mechanism for steam release;
price – the highest in this list.


This gadget should be worthily called the multicooker perfection. TenderCrisp Technology gives a perfect golden crisp for the juicy tender meal every time. A combination of pressure cooking and crisp modes is the full replacement for the oven. Because of great power comes to pressure so much faster than other multicooker models. Nonstick inner pot is handy for hand washing. Considering Instant Pot vs Ninja need to say that both of them are the best multicookers at market offer. So make your choice due to your preferences in appliance appearance and control interface and a number of persons to feed.

best multicooker
best multicooker
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