Catalyst Fermentation System Review

Catalyst Fermentation System Review Bar and Pub

Catalyst Fermentation System– our catalyst review with pros and cons


If you are shopping for a decent beer fermentation system, you would think that stainless steel is the best option out there for its advantages. However, the price of it may be the thing that would discourage you from buying it and consider other options.

Let us introduce the Catalyst Fermentation System, which can be exactly what you have been looking for. It boasts the performance of a stainless steel unit and is definitely a bang for your buck. The price of it will make happy anyone who’s thinking about buying his own home brew systems.

The main advantage of this unit is the reduced time it takes for the brew to travel from fermenter to your glass. This fact is so important that people buy this very fermentation system to avoid the spillage of precious brew.


The whole catalyst system has 11 integral parts that come in the box. There would be no trouble in getting this whole thing assembled at it takes no time.


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Catalyst Fermentation System

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The end result is a feather-light system that is easy to handle. The main tank of the device is made of a polymer specifically designed for use in the food industry. The material is called Titrant and resembles the structure of glass. However, it won’t crack when you accidentally drop the tank on the floor.

Another distinctive characteristic of this material is its resistance and it can withhold many years of service without losing its unique qualities.


This home brew fermenter is ready to offer maximum ergonomics and working efficiency. The catalyst system utilizes a special construction (I-beam combined with honeycomb) to maximize the use of space in the most efficient manner. As a result, you can install this craft brew kit in any place in your kitchen – it will not occupy extra space and will fit well.



When using this catalyst fermenter, you don’t have to worry about the trub, for it can easily be separated from the brew by simply engaging the valve and getting rid of all sediments at once.


This catalyst conical fermenter is compatible with large mason jars and you won’t even need any additional parts to connect these to the device. The learning curve is so small that even a novice will be able to handle all the processes after a few tries.


What are the pros of this fermentation equipment?


Well, there are a few ones just to mention – feather-light though sturdy construction; the ease of use; the option to separate the trub; the ease of assembling.


Now, what about the cons of using this brew system for fermenting beer?


First of all, it’s the price.


Though not being the top priced product among homebrew fermenters, the price is still relatively high compared to the majority of the products in this segment. And if you want to get your hands on handles and other additional equipment for this craft a brew kit, get ready to pay extra. We think that such add-ons have to come in the box with the fermenter. Another point is that it has no temperature control and it’s quite understandable. For a unit of this price range, it comes as no surprise.

Here’s a little lifehack – store it in a cooler place – your garage, for instance, when it’s hot outside, and you will be just fine.


Now let’s get down to the final verdict on this beer fermenters.


It was certainly built to withstand hardships of regular use. Due to the unique materials of the tank, you can use it over and over for years to come. It can be a great starting point for those who just want to try the process of fermenting beer themselves.

Using this fermentation vessel is a no-brainer even for people who have no experience in it. That is not to say that experienced users would not benefit from buying this piece of equipment. If you’ve tried other systems on the market, you can be impressed by the abilities of this simpler yet still fully functional brewing system.



FASTFERMENT – FF3G 3 Gallon Conical Fermenter – Perfect 3 gallon fermenter


This small home brew fermenter can easily be used by novice users, as well as experienced professionals. The quality of the unit can impress anyone who wants to make homemade beer, wine, and other beverages. The high quality of the end product is guaranteed by the special conical design that eliminates sediments and prevents exposure to oxygen. Great for home brewing fermenting.

It’s easy to install and even easier to use to make your first homemade beer in no time. You can acquire additional accessories for the system to upgrade it for even more impressive performance. This will allow you to expand the list of beverages that you can ferment using this product.



FASTFERMENT – FFT FastFerment Conical Fermenter 7.9 Gallon


This low-cost conical craftabrew fermenter can be the one that you were looking for all these years. It’s a byproduct of good execution of a plan for creating an innovative fermenting unit for everyday use.

It’s important to remember that the assembly is the most important part of the catalyst brewing process because if you do it the wrong way, you won’t get the desired product in the end, even if you do everything else right and use high-quality brew mixes.

Another distinctive characteristic of the product is the ability to remove the sediment without opening the vessel – by using the catching bottle. The bottling process is easy on par with everything mentioned above. Our verdict – it’s a good fermenting system for its price.



Craft A Brew – BE-CAT The Catalyst Fermentation System


Here’s another option for you if you’re planning on brewing beer or wine. Just catalyst it!

It can be called the future of fermentation – this conical fermenter makes the whole process easy and quick. This system can offer you everything for brewing the best beverage in your life. Using it, you can separate the sediment and bottle right after you’ve done with the fermentation process without any additional equipment. Using BE-CAT fermentation system can be the thing that will turn you into a master of making beer at home, for the kit has everything one will ever need.

Made of durable materials, this fermentation system can be a good investment into your passion. All parts of the device will last for years with no drop in performance. That’s how reliable the whole thing is.



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