How kitchen color affects mood and appetite

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There is no color that could not be used when creating a kitchen interior. Before you choose, you need to understand that the chosen color of the kitchens will affect not only the mood of the household but also gastronomic preferences. The kitchen, decorated in warm tones, promotes an appetite, while the use of cold shades, on the contrary, reduces interest in food. Each color influences feelings, reactions, and sensations in its own way.

Kitchen mood
Any color you like can be intelligently used in the interior of the kitchen


How to choose the color of the kitchen: a combination of colors depending on the characteristics of the room


The combination of colors of the kitchen is considered an important point in the design. Before deciding which color to make the kitchen, it is important to take into account the basic rule: to create a harmonious and cozy style should not use more than five different colors, the optimal is considered the use of three shades. In this case, 60% of the space is made in one color, 30% – in the secondary and 10% is left for the third shade, which is used to create bright accents. As a rule, more eye-catching tones are used to highlight small but important interior details.

Kitchen mood
Kitchens can be contrasting, monochrome or mixed colors

Useful tip: To make large objects not seem too bulky, it is recommended to choose muted and soft shades.

Before selecting the color of the kitchen set, you need to additionally take into account the size of the room and the overall concept of the room. You should not perform the entire interior in one color, because the monotonous room quickly bored, resulting in a short time to update the appearance of the kitchen. According to the type of combination of colors, kitchens are divided into 3 main types:

  • monochrome;
  • mixed;
  • contrasting.

If you want to make your kitchen monochromatic, it is advisable to choose one color and use several different shades of it. So it will be possible to create a perfect kitchen, where it will be pleasant to be, in and one that will not get bored quickly.

Kitchen background
The color for the kitchen is chosen based on the size of the room and the overall concept


Contrasting shades are used to create bright and ornate interiors. Suitable both for decorating a separate kitchen and for the arrangement of combined rooms, which include a kitchen, dining room, and living room.

A mixed version is required as the main color to use the purest and brightest tone, and as a shade use a quieter and less garish.

Before you decide what color the kitchen should be, you should understand that too much emphasis on bright colors will make the room too motley and irritating. Thinking about what to choose the kitchen, you should also take into account the side of the world, where the kitchen windows are facing. For example, if the windows face south, it is appropriate to use cool shades such as blue, turquoise or blue. The kitchen with a northern orientation is better decorated in warm tones, choosing such colors:

Kitchen background
Using no more than three colors in one kitchen is considered the best solution
  • beige;
  • yellow and lemon;
  • red;
  • shades of brown;
  • green.

How to choose the color of the kitchen: photos of beautiful and pleasant interiors

Kitchens created using different shades allow you to create a certain mood in the room. In this case, every moment is important: the brightness in the room, the saturation of surface finishes, the choice of color of the fronts. To decide what color to choose a kitchen, you need to consider such tips from designers:

Kitchen background
Light shades will make any room visually more spacious
  1. If you apply light shades for the decoration of walls and kitchen fronts, you can visually make the room a little larger, which is especially important in the arrangement of a small kitchen.
  2. The use of dark colors reduces the space, so it is better to leave dark colors to decorate spacious rooms.
  3. If you want to get rid of excess weight, the best colors for the kitchen are gray and pink. These shades help to control your appetite.
  4. These are the colors that, on the contrary, improve appetite, and these are warm shades of red, orange, and brown. Especially relevant are such colors for families with children who do not eat well.
  5. A comfortable kitchen is considered a kitchen in which the coloring of the kitchen set corresponds to natural colors, especially if the facades are made of natural material.
  6. If the kitchen is large and at the same time is combined with the dining room or living room, the white color of the facades can be lost in such a spaciousness. In this case, it is recommended to add eye-catching elements, such as stained glass inserts on the fronts or bright appliances.
  7. Before you decide what colors to paint the kitchen, you must first choose your favorite shade of the furniture, and the surfaces must be in harmony with each other.
Kitchen background
Natural tones in the kitchen interior have a beneficial effect on their owners


What kitchen color to choose depending on the walls and ceiling

When arranging the kitchen there is no need to try to perform all the surfaces in one color palette. Correctly and harmoniously you can decorate the room, using both contrasting colors, and very different shades. For example, it is recommended in the interior of the kitchen to combine blue and yellow colors that reinforce the brightness of each other. Another organic option is considered a combination of red and purple, which seamlessly flow into each other, creating a successful composition.

A harmonious combination of different shades allows you to set a room with a certain rhythm, to add dynamics, emphasize the benefits, and correctly set the accents. Therefore, choosing the color of the kitchen set, you need to take into account the overall design concept of the room, paying attention to the decoration of the walls and ceiling. It will be useful to ask for help from a designer, but if you do not want to do this, you should take into account such nuances:

Kitchen background
The kitchen, in which the color of the furniture contrasts with the floor and ceilings look pretty spectacular
  1. When choosing the color of the set, it is necessary to choose the right artificial lighting, especially if there is a lack of natural light. In any case, it should be taken into account that, no matter how bright the natural light is, during the day the transition from light to shade changes, so artificial lighting comes to the fore.
  2. To create a whole picture of the kitchen, you should resort to a combination of different shades. For example, light yellow-green wallpaper will make the blue-green front of the kitchen set look more attractive.
  3. In order not to be afraid to combine different shades, it is recommended to use a color wheel, which allows you to competently select contrasts. For example, studying the photo of kitchen gray, you can see that in the interior looks harmoniously countertop in the tone of the floor covering.
Kitchen background
The color of the set can be consonant with the shade of the floor and ceiling


How to determine the color of the kitchen fronts: popular shades and their significance

Kitchen furniture is purchased not for one year, so the choice of color fronts needs to be carefully. Beforehand, it is recommended to study the photo designs of colored kitchens and stop at a few of the most attractive options, so that there was something to choose from. Determining the color scheme, it is necessary to take into account certain properties of different shades. For example, some facades may look attractive in the picture, but in real life will look ridiculous and inappropriate.

When choosing facades, you should strive to properly combine the shades of warm and cold tones. If the balance is maintained, then the kitchen will be comfortable to be in and cook in. If the colors do not match the character, then a prolonged stay in the room can cause irritation and anxiety. For example, the kitchen of champagne color creates a feeling of warmth and tenderness, while an abundance of gray can cause a depressive and apathetic mood. A brief description of the properties of other colors:

Kitchen background
Kitchen fronts in purple shades will appeal to active and cheerful people
  1. Red. A color that evokes the desire to move and be active. However, the abundance of red, especially its bright colors, will act irritating.
  2. Orange. The color of warmth, bliss, good spirits. It have a positive influence on the energy of the room.
  3. Bordeaux. A softer variant of red, the abundance of which does not make the interior so passionate and aggressive.
  4. Navy Blue. The color of safety and coolness. Warmer shades of blue evoke associations with the sea.
  5. Blue. The color that promotes positive emotions. Blue kitchens are most characteristic of Provence style.
  6. Turquoise. It refers to the bright, but unobtrusive colors, associated with serenity and calmness. The kitchen turquoise color will refresh and cool the room, which overlooks the south.
  7. Yellow. The positive color of happiness and the sun. A kitchen with these fronts is considered more hospitable.
  8. Green. The color of nature and abundance, which is associated with something new.
  9. Pink. A soft color that discourages appetite.
  10. White. A clean and measured color. Used in combination with most shades.
  11. Black. Mysterious color, the abundance of which can cause a decline of mood, so it is more often combined with more cheerful tones.
  12. Gold. The color of prestige and wealth. Suitable for rooms in baroque or classical style.
Kitchen background
Blue, turquoise and green are good for different styles


Red and white kitchen: a bright idea for a stylish design

A bright interior with the use of shades of red is sure to have a positive effect on the mood of others. It is able to cheer up in the morning, always looks festive and elegant. The red kitchen is considered a good solution for brave people who do not want to live in a boring and ordinary room. This color inspires activity and develops the desire to learn new things.


The main advantages of using a red and white kitchen set:

  • This design looks beautiful in the kitchen, will
    a long time to please its owners;
  • has a positive effect on vitality;
    lifts the mood;
  • makes it possible to combine different in texture surfaces;
  • Corrects the configuration of the kitchen, especially if white will be used as the main color.
Kitchen background
Red and white kitchens elevate mood, vitality and appetite

Useful tip: If a person suffers from chronic hypertension, you should refuse from red, because the color provokes the pressure surges in the direction of increasing.

The main condition when organizing the kitchen interior is to choose the right combination of colors. If you look at the photos of red and white kitchens, you should note that the more spacious the room, the more red can be used in it. In a room with a smaller area, preference should be given to a white set with a few red front doors.


How to make a room attractive with a brown kitchen

Despite the emergence of new styles and trends in kitchen design, brown is still considered one of the most popular colors. The classic material for brown fronts is considered to be natural wood. In this case, if you choose artificial materials for the facades, you can give preference to various shades of brown – from coffee to milk chocolate color.

Kitchen background
Brown is the most versatile color, as it is suitable for classic and modern interiors


Brown is a universal color that can be combined with many shades and can be used to decorate a variety of interiors. Such fronts can be glossy or matte, monochrome, or combined with other shades. Artificially aged brown fronts with a paneled or carved pattern look beautiful.

Useful tip: In the kitchen of beige color should be a large number of small interior details, which are associated with coffee and chocolate.

It is topical to complement the facades with glass inserts, stained glass, and unusual fittings. The main advantages of using brown in the kitchen:

Kitchen background
Brown kitchens look neutral, so they do not attract too much attention and do not get bored
  • Versatility. Brown is suitable for people of any age and will look good in a classic kitchen as well as in a modern style room.
  • Practicality. Brown kitchen set is considered non-marking and easy to take care of.
  • Variety of shades. Beige-brown, caramel, walnut, coffee, chestnut, or wenge kitchen – all these shades are considered variations of brown.
  • Combination. Brown is a neutral color that does not attract too much attention, so you can create a harmonious ensemble in the kitchen with its help.
  • Positivity. The color has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, it calms the nerves. In such a kitchen it is pleasant to relax and detach from the daily hustle and bustle.

Brown and white kitchen: how to combine colors intelligently

Even if the kitchen is small and the interior budget is limited, using a combination of white and brown will help to fill the room with coziness, making it refined and stylish. If the room is large, you can give preference to shades of brown, up to the darkest. White is best used as a complementary tone. The photo of white and brown kitchens shows that in a small area it is better to use white for the fronts, which will look especially advantageous against the brown walls.

Kitchen background
The combination of white and brown is suitable for both small and large rooms

When decorating a white-brown kitchen it is quite acceptable to use inexpensive materials for the fronts, the main thing is that they competently imitate the wooden texture. A properly organized kitchen in white and brown colors looks like this:

  • The floor and the work surface are performed with the use of brown;
  • Furniture and appliances – white shades;
  • Textiles and accessories – in light and dark brown colors;
  • The ceiling and walls: are white.

If brown is used as the main color, then abundant lighting is needed. In doing so, it is better to choose warm light, especially if it is a kitchen in beige colors, which in bright lighting looks dirty. To liven up and make the interior more interesting, it is advised to place green plants in the kitchen.


Different options for green kitchen designs

Only a kitchen in green is able to give cheerfulness, tone up and lift your spirits. It is green is considered the most common natural shade of the entire color palette. At the same time the color is good for stimulating mental activity. The green set is considered very popular among consumers. When you combine it with other shades, you get a lively and unobtrusive interior, which has a beneficial effect on a person’s mood.

Kitchen background
Green kitchens look lush and bright, add cheerfulness and lift the spirits of their owners

Green has a large number of shades – it includes lettuce, lime, pistachio and even olive. The use of such tones adds freshness and charges the room with positive energy. If you choose a cool shade of green and perform the kitchen lettuce color, then on the fronts, in addition to the main color, you can use inserts of white, brown and gray tones. Warm green is good to combine with beige, yellow and coffee color.

Green in the interior of the kitchen can be used both as the main and auxiliary color, picking up beautiful accessories of the same shade. Green garniture is recommended to complement the kitchen apron of emerald color, light green chandelier or textiles in the same tones. Make the interior complete with live plants in pots.


The main advantages of decorating a white and green kitchen

The combination of white and green gives a space a special elegance, but to achieve this, you need to combine and combine the shades intelligently. The choice of different shades of green will help create unique combinations that will suit any mood, for example:

Kitchen background
A white kitchen with the addition of an emerald shade will look incredibly elegant
  • The use of predominantly pistachio will fill the kitchen with coziness;
  • Emerald is considered to be an essential attribute of a luxurious room;
  • Lime shade will excellently emphasize the modern style of interior design.

White is one of the classic and universal colors, it can be easily combined with any other shades. In addition, it is used to visually enhance the space. In this case, green brings a note of freshness and joy. The combination of white and green tones is optimal to use in rooms of any size. However, if in a large kitchen it is acceptable to use shades of dark green, in a small kitchen it is better to use brighter colors.

Before choosing a white-green range for the garnish, it is necessary to take into account that such surfaces will quickly get dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to choose materials resistant to friction, quality, and easy to clean. Another important point is the fact that white and bright green colors differ in their ability to reflect light well, which can cause excessive light in the room.


Kitchen background
Any shade of green looks bright and effective in the kitchen with white trim

When choosing the color of the garniture should be taken into account and the orientation of the kitchen relative to the side of the world: if the side is north, warm shades of green will do, for the south – it is better to prefer a dark green spectrum. If you look at photos of white and green kitchens, you can highlight the following ideas about the combination of colors:

  • White fronts and green apron;
  • Green ceramic tiles against the background of snow-white fronts;
  • A combination of white in the upper part of the kitchen and green – in the bottom;
  • Ceramic tiles with the image of green grass or fruit on a white background will be a great transition between the white bottom and the green top of the kitchen set.

Useful tip: Any shade of green will look spectacular on a white background. The more lush the main shade, the more white is recommended.


How a pistachio kitchen should look like

If you look through the photos of pistachio kitchens, you can immediately see that the abundance of this shade makes the kitchen light, light and airy. It is thanks to these properties that the color has gained such popularity among designers. Another advantage is considered the ability of pistachio to combine with most colors and match many interior styles – from classic to high-tech.

Kitchen background
Pistachio color will make the kitchen room more airy, light and light


This is interesting! The pistachio color is considered the result of mixing yellow and green tones.

Despite the fact that pistachio combines with many shades, you should not combine with it too bright colors, and you should not complement the kitchen with a large number of decorative elements. In addition to the kitchen set, in this color looks good and the dining group. Psychologists note that the presence of pistachio in the kitchen interior is able to relax a tired person. However, you should not think about a monochrome pistachio interior, because the result will be too pale room. It is good to combine pistachio with these colors:

  • Brown. The kitchen in brown and pistachio shades is considered a classic option, which looks cozy and sophisticated.
  • Black. Modern kitchen interior, decorated with the use of these two shades, looks catchy and unusual, especially if you choose glossy fronts.
  • Yellow and orange. Pistachio fronts on the background of the walls of these colors look positive and sunny. This option is suitable for small kitchens.
Kitchen background
Pistachio combines best with white, black, and brown

The pistachio set will look good with both glossy and aged patinated fronts. The pistachio set looks voluminous, so you need to take into account the shape and size of the room. Built-in backlighting will add volume to the furniture.


Another shade of green, or olive kitchen

Olive is considered to be a color that can relieve fatigue and help to detach from everyday problems. Like many other shades of green, olive enhances sensitivity, sets up for communication and relaxation, and has a positive effect on the nervous system.

The olive color palette consists of many shades – from very dark to very pale. This color palette includes the following tones:

Kitchen background
The olive color has an incredibly diverse palette of shades
  • moss;
  • antique gold;
  • khaki and military colors;
  • gold-brown;
  • brown-green.

So that the olive-colored garniture does not overload the interior, it is recommended to install it against white or milky walls, and will complement the interior with a light ceiling. In the production of kitchen furniture, the most common are bright and delicate shades of khaki color or a combination of light and deep tones.

If you selected the option of a classic set, the fronts are often monochrome, patinated. In modern interiors, it is appropriate to combine olive with gray, white, blue, and beige, sometimes even a combination with black.

Kitchen background
Kitchens with olive fronts look best against light-colored walls and floors

It is good when in the olive set there are glass inserts or glossy fronts with a pattern. Beautiful in the space between the upper and lower cabinets will look metal-colored countertop, as well as an apron of mosaic. Under the olive set you can pick up a dining group to match or, conversely, in a contrasting color. The combination of a table with a glass top and olive chairs is considered successful.

Gray kitchen. Successful design examples

Use only gray for kitchen sets designers do not advise, because it is considered boring and too cool, especially if the kitchen is poorly lit. If you selected the color gray for the kitchen set, you need to choose different textures, use inserts of transparent glass and bright chrome fittings, which reflect the light well.

In terms of practicality, gray is considered a non-marking color, it retains its shade for a long time and does not burn out. Gray kitchen set is considered an integral part of the styles of high-tech, minimalism, loft and art deco. It should be taken into account that the palette of gray is varied: it can be both saturated gray and pale, close to white. The most popular are considered to be such shades of gray:

Kitchen background
Gray is great for loft, minimalist, high-tech kitchens
  • graphite;
  • granite;
  • concrete;
  • pebble;
  • mother-of-pearl;
  • metallic silver;
  • vanilla.

Facades of gray look good in glossy and matte versions. Such sets can be supplemented with carvings and textured elements. Appliances made in silver shades of gray will fit perfectly in the kitchen decorated in this way. A successful variant of the combination is considered the presence of light gray upper cabinets and darker bottom cabinets. Between them will look good light countertop and white apron.

Classic white kitchen. Advantages and disadvantages


A white or white-beige kitchen has always been considered a classic. It looks fresh and neat, especially if it is constantly updated with bright decor and textiles, which make the kitchen look different every time. White has always been considered the most popular color, especially for the design of a small kitchen, as white garnish does not overload the space, but makes it visually larger. If you refresh a white set with glass inserts, it seems to “dissolve” in the room and visually enlarges the room.

Kitchen background
White is considered the classic and most popular color

The white color has gained popularity among designers because the white set, depending on the chosen texture or texture, can be used in the design of any style of interior – from classic to ultra-modern.

The main disadvantage of a white kitchen is its marking. This is especially true for white glossy kitchens in the interior, on which fingerprints and grease stains remain. Therefore, care for this furniture should be carefully, as well as it is necessary to select for such a set of higher-quality materials.

This is interesting! Black, compared to white, is considered more marginal, it is clearly visible any dirt.

Kitchen background
White shades will look good in kitchens of different styles

Looking at photos of kitchens in white, you can pay attention to the fact that an excessive preoccupation with white makes the room look like a hospital ward. Therefore, when choosing a white set, you should know that the countertop and walls should be darker.


The white color of the kitchen set: the design of the surrounding space

In the interior of the kitchen in white tones, it is necessary to intelligently combine colors, so as not to get a monochrome and boring space. In this case, the generally accepted rule applies, which implies that white kitchen furniture goes well with any wall color. If the kitchen is decorated in a modern style, white furniture will perfectly harmonize with collages on the walls, graffiti, or photo wallpaper. As an accent element in a white kitchen, you can use spectacular 3D wallpaper on one wall. Other rules for decorating the interior of the kitchen in white tones:

Kitchen background
White kitchen sets look good with chrome fittings
  1. Small patterns on the walls, monochrome or with bright lines patterns will add mood to the kitchen and dilute the interior.
  2. Curtains of warm colors will make the room more delicate, while a cold shade of textiles will slightly “cool” the room. It is better if the curtains will match the tone of the garnish, but in this case, the walls should be darker.
  3. The window of a white kitchen can be made the center of attention, if you choose curtains with bright stripes on a milky background.
  4. A white kitchen is appropriate to combine with green curtains against a background of light green walls. In this case, it is recommended to replace the upper cabinets of white furniture with open shelves.
  5. You can dilute the white interior with decor, for example, using different kitchen towels and oven mitts, tablecloths, flowers in beautiful pots.
  6. The presence of mosaics on the front will make the interior more lively.
  7. Glass, chrome or silver handles are suitable as fittings.
  8. A good option is considered a combination of a white kitchen with a dark countertop with a stone texture.
Kitchen background
A countertop and apron with a stone pattern are a stylish addition to the white set


How to choose the right dining group with a white table in the kitchen


Furniture in white is suitable for the design of any style of interior. Depending on the design, choose fronts made of different materials, complemented by a variety of inserts. Most classic styles involve furniture made of natural wood or solid wood. White large wooden table installed in the center of the dining room will be a bright element in any home.

Useful tip: A white dining group will become a decoration of the interior, especially if it is supplemented with metal and glass inserts.

It should be borne in mind that the use of metal or chrome parts is not recommended for the design of classical kitchens. Such inserts are appropriate for modern styles such as high-tech, loft, minimalism. For classic interiors will suit a white table complete with chairs in light covers.

Kitchen background
A dining group with a white table will be a decoration of any kitchen


In general, white furniture is always considered a good option in the kitchen, thanks to which, in addition to visually expanding the area, creates an atmosphere of comfort. Table and chairs in white and milk colors will add lightness and elegance to the interior. The bright kitchen set always looks neat and airy.


White and blue kitchen: light and airy colors to create a harmonious interior

Psychologists note that the use of blue in the interior has a relaxing and calming effect, and has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure. However, if used in the kitchen design too dark blue or, on the contrary, too saturated, such shades can suppress appetite and act in the opposite way.

A Blue and white kitchen is considered a classic combination. In this case, dark blue and white surfaces are used. The combination of white and blue can be used to create both classic and ultra-modern interiors. While modern styles gravitate towards the use of glossy fronts, classic styles are more characterized by matt surfaces.


Kitchen background
White and blue kitchens look great in both matte and glossy versions

Attractive will look kitchen, where a white kitchen set, and for decorating the apron is used blue-gray color, which is also used to decorate the dining group, open shelves and flooring. Complements the interior white light curtains on the windows.

The combination of white furniture and blue apron is often used to create Mediterranean and Scandinavian interiors, for the styles of Provence and Empire. Studying photos of white and blue kitchens, you can pay attention to the fact that the ceiling is often performed in white or white and blue (as an imitation of the sky with clouds). Orange decorative items will be an interesting addition to the kitchen.



Peculiarities of choice: light kitchens with dark countertops and vice versa

When choosing a countertop, it is necessary to take into account that it must match the fronts and the apron. To do this, even at the stage of the purchase of kitchen furniture, you should put samples of countertops to the selected fronts. The most popular are considered white, black, beige stone, and wood countertops. Common combinations:

Kitchen background
The light kitchen countertop will dilute and complement the dark set
  1. White set. A neutral color of the countertop will do. Beautifully looks on the photo white kitchen with a dark countertop. Preferably a cool color of the stone – black or gray.
  2. Beige garniture. It is recommended to combine a beige kitchen with a dark countertop, which will make the creamy shade of cabinets even more delicate.
  3. Dark or black garnish. You should not purchase completely black kitchen cabinets – looks beautiful black and white kitchen, where the lower cabinets are made in black, and the upper – in white. On the Internet, you can find many photos of black kitchens with white countertops.
Kitchen background
A dark countertop in a light or bright kitchen looks stylish and unconventional

This is interesting! The lighter the shade of the countertop, the larger it seems. In order not to overload the space, it is not recommended to install too light countertop in a small kitchen.


Before finally deciding on the color of the kitchen and kitchen set, you need to study the various options for combining shades. Choosing the right color should be based not only on personal preferences but also taking into account the size of the room, lighting features, and interior design.



Feng Shui kitchen: harmonizing space

In the East, especially in Japan and China, the doctrine of feng shui is widespread. It is a method of harmonization of space, proven over the centuries.

The kitchen is considered the hearth of the home, the energy heart of the space.

As it is connected with fire, it should be decorated in a warm color palette. Feng shui kitchen color If you’re a fan of Oriental philosophy, decorate your kitchen with red, orange, or yellow decorative elements.
Just do not go overboard with brightness, otherwise, insomnia is guaranteed.



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