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Have you ever gone out in hot summer when the sun smiles with a burning smile and you trying to catch every little shadow from a tree or canopy? When you’re deadly thirsty and the water evaporates in your bottle? And you going out with idea how good fishes feel in sea. And you did not lose any opportunity to hide and you do not lose one opportunity to pass by the fruit shop with cool drinks and ice cream. Smiley saler face who opens his fridge gives you cold juice. Enjoyment. Thumbs up.


Look right now there is no need to lob your phone in a pocket or log out from my website. Some big well known and good-established names in the commercial nugget ice machine industry make unique pretty scaled down machines that you can use at home and possibly take out for picnics and little trips.


Some interesting compact and fast speed cooling for small kitchen, beach condo or pool house are shown below in the same time are comfortable to pick them out for picnics in your car.


Whatever you need small nugget ice maker in your glass of water, juices, mixed drinks, or sparkling water our recommendations can help you to choose one of the nugget ice machines home use or picnics. Or women know well that rubbing ice on their face in the morning is good for their skin. Also, there are oh-so-many options to use the kitchen to simplify routine tasks and speed up boring processes.

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How to choose the Best Nugget Ice Machines Home?



Nugget pebble ice machine is a device that you need to choose correctly. The choice will depend not only on your own needs but also on the purpose that you want to use the model. For home, country house, office, or business use of the pearl ice maker, you need different devices. Therefore, we have compiled a list of recommendations that will help you decide on an option:


  • Determine what exactly you need a pearl ice nugget for. If you frequently drink smoothies or chilled drinks, you will need a medium performance model. If you only occasionally need to freeze a portion of ice, it is better to buy a low-power and inexpensive generator. A productive and fast ice pellet maker will be needed if you open a cafe or bar – the load on the device will be completely different, as well as the need for ice. Therefore, it is important to immediately decide why you need the device.

  • See what types of ice the device generates. Modern ice generators are able to produce ice in several forms: cubic, finger, scaly, granular. There are also models that produce non-standard types of ice – shaped, spherical or hemispherical, and so on. Flake and granulated ice can not be added to drinks and alcohol, it is intended for storing food in display cases and quickly cooling bottles.

  • Decide what kind of performance you need. You need to estimate how much ice nuggets you need and for how long. Based on this, choose the performance. The higher it is – the more ice there will be in less time. But the cost of a “fast” device will be more expensive. So if you drink iced tea once a day, you don’t need a generator that can freeze 100 cubes in an hour.

  • Learn what kind of cooling the undercounter nugget ice machine uses. The devices can be water and air. The former use water to cool the chamber and freeze the ice. They use less electricity, take up less space, and can be embedded in various surfaces. But they consume a lot of water, require connection to the sewer system, and are more expensive. Air filters are cheaper, easier to install, and can be put anywhere. But they take up more space (they cannot be leaned against the wall, you need at least 50-70 cm of space) and require frequent cleaning of the capacitors.

  • If you need a small ice nugget, take a closer look at the aspic models. These are the simplest models that do not require connection to the sewer and water supply. They produce a small amount of ice and consume only a little electricity. This generator is ideal for home or mini-bar.

  • See where the ice will be stored. There are two options – a built-in small-volume hopper or a remote storage device in models designed to freeze more than 100-150 kilograms of ice per day. In the first case (as a rule, these are all home under counter the best nugget ice maker models and options for cafes), it is important to turn off the device in time or empty the hopper – it quickly fills with ice.

  • Determine where you want to install the device. There are models for embedding or installing on the floor or table. It is only important that you can bring all the necessary communications to the selected location.

  • Take a closer look at the design of the model. If the ice maker is for you – not only a way to get a few cubes of frozen water, but also part of the interior, you should look at the models with a colourful design. If it will stand in the far corner in a cafe or bar, the appearance of the device is not important.


  • If there is hard water in your area, purchase an ice maker with a water softener. This device is necessary so that the generator can work longer. Hard water spoils the” insides ” of the generator, leaves precipitation. In addition, it is simply harmful to drink it, even in frozen form.


Actually, these recommendations are enough to choose the optimal ice maker for your home, office, cottage, or small business. By choosing the right device, you will not overpay and will not get a device whose power you will not have enough.



1st Kismile Commercial Ice Maker Machine




  • Making 48 clear ice cubes for one cycle in just 12 to 18 minutes.
  • Built with an intuitive and easy to use control panel that has an LCD indicator for displaying water and ice making functions.
  • Made of stainless steel and has a sleek, rust-resistant stainless steel interior
  • Can be Installed or freestanding anywhere.
  • Powerful 200W compressor to cool is equipped in it.
  • Approved for commercial use, pairing high output and capacity with a self-contained, compact design.




This unit makes ice fast and I really like the size and shape of the cubes. Understand that this MUST be connected to a drain. It is an Ice maker, NOT a freezer. It is well insulated and will keep ice for a while but the ice will melt and drain. However, the unit makes ice so fast that it will always stay full. Overall very happy with the unit. Good price, great for parties and a sharp looking unit. A nice addition to my wet bar setup.




Nugget Ice Machines has a large weight (35 kg).



2nd GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker




  • The kit includes a side tank that produces in 3 times more ice and is easily attached to the ice maker.
  • Easily move the ice nugget if needed.
  • No water connection is required, just plug it into any grounded (standard) 120V electrical outlet and fill the tank with water.
  • In just 20 minutes, you will enjoy soft, crunchy ice.
  • Automatically turns on when the ice runs out.
  • You can plan for fresh ice, monitor the condition of your ice nugget, and order accessories using the app on your smartphone.





I run a Scotsman nugget ice maker on my bar almost constantly. In fact, I’ve worn 4 out over the last 6 years (all liked and all from Amazon). Although cheap with a cost of $100 – $150 each, they just did not last and the ice was OK. Enter the GE Opal ice maker with the side tank and the “good ice” it makes. I had to research what good Scotsman nugget ice was and the staying power it had before committing to a $430 prime purchase. The ice actually pellets about 1/2” long and 1/4” in diameter. It is soft enough to chew and hard enough not to water down pop or vodka.




GE Opal Nugget Ice Maker has not the most durable surface of the case. 



3rd IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine




  • In 6 minutes, you get 9 pieces of chewy, delicious, bullet-shaped ice cubes.
  • Small enough to fit on most countertops and easy to keep and it is quiet.
  • Large semi-transparent window for easy observation of the process of creating ice.
  • Made of food-grade material, only for your health and safety, even without the smell of plastic.




This portable sonic ice machine for home ice works like a monster. I’m so glad I purchased this one. I don’t know why a few negative reviews but you have to follows the instructions like once you receive this product let it sit upright for at least 2 hours, clean inside & boom you can start making ice! I used the large setting for my ice. Not to mention how fast this machine makes your ice. The pic I posted with ice bag is how much it made ice with 4 water bottles (buying gallon bottles to use instead). I recommend this portable ice machine if you are on the fence about getting one.




IKICH Portable Ice Maker has a bunker is only for a few portions of ice – you will not be able to freeze it for the future. 



4th Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop




  • In 8 minutes, you can produce 9 pieces of delicious ice cubes.
  • Highly efficient compressor that is not only great for cooling but also does not make too much noise during ice making.
  • The ice nugget has a recirculating water tank that will not cause wastewater.
  • The silver stainless steel surface is not only very beautiful but also very easy to clean.
  • Has two additional ice cube size buttons so you can choose different sizes of ice cubes according to your needs.
  • Euhomy provides warranty service for a period of one year.




First I must say…..I am very impressed with the capability of this machine! Cleaning and setup are simple. It is sturdy, sleek, easy to use, and truly makes ice in approx. 8-12 minutes. You have the ability to choose between 2 sizes…LG and SM sized cubes. (I have included a photo to show the size variation). The compressor is quiet while operating and the only real sound you hear is when the ice cubes drop into the tray. I look forward to putting this to great use this summer, through the holidays, and get together. Would be nice to take on a boating or camping trip- (RV), as it does require electricity. Another great product from a wonderful seller. Thank you!




Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop has not the most beautiful design. 



5th Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker




  • Produces up to 64 pounds of refined ice in 24 hours and stores up to 26 pounds of ice.
  • The water quality sensor detects the hard water conditions, and the control system purifies the mineral water.
  • Smart control panel informs you whether the power is on, warns you when there is no water, and reminds you of the cleaning time.




this thing cranks out beautiful ice. clear cubes. harder (vs wet ice) and better than my old kitchen aid icemaker. I don’t know why people keep buying that other brand (which only lasted 4 years and hard to clean)…I guess cause it’s more for consumer use, but the Scotsman nugget ice machine is made for commercial use and less expensive, more durable, and better quality ice…I know cause I am an ice snob. yes, it is kind of loud when the ice comes cascading down into the bin… but to me, it’s like the chiming of an old grandfather clock … yup We GOT ice



Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker reminds you of the cleaning time and this is very important for this model. 


Each nugget ice machine has maintainer video on YouTube. 




These types of ice nuggets machines are high-quality and made by the biggest names in the industry. The question here is primarily one of budget and which target you are chasing.





pearl ice


To speed up the cooking of peas, beets, and other legumes, pour cold water into a saucepan several times. But you have to choose a large pot as the volume increases. Try some ice cubes instead of a glass of water. The effect is the same – boiling will slow down, but it is more convenient and effective.


If the pan overheats, food begins to burn, especially small ones such as onions and grated carrots. And stop this difficult process. But you can! Throw a piece of ice into the skillet, the temperature will drop decrease quickly and the frying will return to normal. But be careful! Ceramic and some other non-stick coatings can deteriorate from temperature contrast.


When cooking broth, does the foam quickly start to rise and is about to stain the freshly washed stove? Do not try to burn your hands and remove the pan from the burner. Turning off the stove won’t help either. Here it will only help out – a few cubes are added to the broth, the temperature will drop, and active boiling will stop. The same technique works for boiling milk.


An ice cube will also help to make the broth transparent. Make it a rule to dip the ice into the broth immediately after boiling, and then cook as usual. The rapid chilling causes the “sources” of turbidity to “pool” into large flakes that can be easily removed with a slotted spoon.


This advice will be useful for those who want to remove excess fat from the broth. Put a few ice cubes in the cooled broth, the fat will “stick” and you can easily remove the excess. Repeat as necessary. Just act quickly so that the ice doesn’t melt.


Brew coffee in a Turk and every day you enter into an unequal battle with the coffee foam, “hurry foam” to stain the hob? Proceed as described above – add an ice cube if you feel the foam is out of control. By the way, this will make the coffee tastier, as the preparation time is extended. And the cube, added at the end, settles the thick to the bottom.


Secret of porridge, heated in the microwave, not to turn out dry, it is not necessary to add oil, making it greasy. Put ice on top – the porridge it will steam out, and you will not get extra calories. Suitable for pilaf, pasta side dishes, and some other dishes.


Not only cocktails and juices can be cooled with ice, but also cold summer soups. Feel free to add ice floes to cream soups and beetroot.


Leftover wine can also be frozen so that later these small portions can be added to sauces and meat. So next time you don’t have to buy a whole bottle if the recipe says a tablespoon.


Preparation of cold coffee and chilled drinks can be made faster. Freeze strong coffee in tins, and when you feel like pampering or treating guests, fill the cubes with other ingredients: tonic, milk, or whatever is indicated in your recipe.

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