Best Heat sealer 2021

Best Heat sealer 2021. How to use them!

Heat sealer machines: you need to use it


While you are choosing a sealing machine, take in mind that the most foundation moment is the subjects which you are going to practice and apply. Analyze and take in mind the dimensions of the material, so by doing this you can imagine the dimensions of the heat sealing machine and you definitely choose the right variant. In this way, you will be sure that the device is capable of heatsealing your subject.

Here we collect the four key features of the heat sealer, so the information definitely makes the process of the selection much easier and after reading you may choose your best variant.

Kitchen background
Heat sealer machine

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Types of heat seal machines


There are some kinds of heat sealing machines. The first we will discuss below is an impulse heat sealer. We consider its mechanics and the main pluses to use it. The second big group is a direct heat sealer. We also figure out the process and highlight the differences. As well as we touch the hand sealer and the bag sealer machine topics. But all of them work according to the same principle: heat and seal the material (mostly plastic subjects). To facilitate the selection process, we collected and systematized the information for you, so the purchase process of the sealing machine will be successful.


In this chapter, we analyze two big main groups of sealers: the first is the impulse heat sealer and the second is the direct heat sealer. Let’s consider each group separately.


Impulse sealers.

The devices are characterized by a lack of time to warm up. The device seals when both elements are pressed against each other, then jaws are becoming warm, after using the device returns to its original state. It turns out that impulse heat sealer machines consume energy in the condition when two plates are compressed. The equipment is normally chosen for any thin thermoplastic material. Nowadays there are polyethylenes or polypropylenes mostly, which are modern materials. You can buy the impulse sealer if you use such materials as mylar. For example, a mylar bag sealer can be applied for the packing of dry food. Foil is also a common material. Aluminum sealers are used especially for it. But the most common subtype is a plastic bag sealer. Bag sealers are applied both for personal purposes and for production.

The impulse sealer has essential pros. It saves energy, as the device needs to heat only when you seal. And when the device is not in its use condition, it does not consume energy. The instruction is really easy, the impulses sealer can be applied without “rocket science”. As well as machines are safe for you, your family, your colleagues, your customers as jaws cool quickly.


In turn, impulse heat sealers are divided into subtypes. The main feature is thickness. They are following:

  • 10 mil of poly material is for the hand sealers
  • 15mil of poly material is for the foot sealers
  • 15mil of poly material is for the automatic devices
  • 20mil of poly material is for the double impulse machines


Direct heat sealers.


In contradistinction to the above discussed type, the direct heat sealers stay hot permanently. As long as the machine is turned on, as long as it is warm. This moment affects the process positively, as the device can be used for denser stuff. Here also you are able to apply mylar or foil, for example, but the material might be bigger than you choose for the impulse heat sealer.


By the way, we also highlight some other kinds, which are taken for special matters:


Air vacuum sealer.


This device does two actions at the same time: suck air around the subject and seal. A hermetic package is used here because polyethylenes or polypropylenes let air pass over time, so it can’t be useful. If you want to prevent food spoilage, you should buy an air vacuum sealer. So products avoid contact with air, and therefore corrosion. One of the tops between bag sealer machines is a vacuum sealer by Nutrichef. This plastic sealer will be a great helper in your kitchen.

Clamshell sealers.


The devices are applied for welding clamshell packaging, as they have small size and narrow jaws.




There are available A wide range of heat sealing machines. As mentioned earlier, your choice of the device should be reasonable and based on materials. It is better if size of the bag sealing machine is slightly larger than for small items, so the heat sealing process will be of high quality and comfortable. Sealant cutters typically cut a smaller than the width of the sealant sleeve.



Portable sealers. Such devices are lightweight. They are comfortable and versatile.

Manual sealants. These sealants are the most suitable machines. We have already mentioned all the benefits of buying them. You can use it by hand. Sizes from 4 to 40 inches; speed 6-20 bags per minute.

Foot seals. They are larger than point two, but they are working much faster. The mechanism is controlled by a special stand, so you are in safe . Sizes from 12 to 35 inches; speed 8-20 bags per minute.

Automatic sealers. Machines are used in industries where it is important to quickly complete tasks. This allows the device to operate without any interruption. This sealers have special sensors that control the response time. These also have a variant of human intervention – pedal control. This function is called semi-automatic. Sizes from 12 “to 47”; speed 20-50 bags per minute.

Continuous band sealers. It is the fastest machine. For tape devices, the process is automatic, you just need to download the packages and click on the Start button. Some of them are available with features such as vertical seal head, left or right feed, horizontal seal head, tilt seal head, gas purge and / or coding and printing.


Width and Package


The parts of the sealants that need to be heated before use are usually made from a durable material, for example nuchrome. The heat sealing machine includes only two variants of this elements – round and flat. But they are interchangeable. The round part is using for cut and seal without excess material. Sealings can be 2-3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm, and can be distinguished in width. Some types of sealing machines include multiple heating elements to speed up the process.


The conclusion


Our heat sealing machine offers industrial grade strength and durability. We use only high quality and durable materials for the production of goods. Also, our devices are manufactured taking into account all safety measures. The device equipped with such special holder which allows you to change the width. And there is also a signal by which you know that the action has been completed.

Pay attention on the number of the model to control the width, and also a letter designation which indicates the manufacturer of the device and its type.


NutriChef Vacuum Sealer


The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer keeps your food fresh for a long time. It works on the principle of air removal and bag sealing. Therefore, no microbes and bacterias can penetrate. With the help of the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer, you can organize a place in your refrigerator and your freezer, where almost everyone has little space. The device is suitable for dry, but also for wet food. For example, marinating meat. The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer is easy and convenient to operate, everything is clear at an intuitive level. There are touch buttons and indicator lights. The device is lightweight and compact, fits into a kitchen cupboard or does not take up space on the table. It also has a modern design and will become a technological decoration of the kitchen space.


FoodSaver PowerVac Vacuum Sealer, Vertical Storage


FoodSaver PowerVac helps you organize vertical storage of food to the refrigerator, thus saving space in it. And if you store food in the freezer, then the device will ensure the safety of the sealed products for five years, which has been proven by scientists. Also, the products are not frozen too much but retain their original taste.

This model of FoodSaver PowerVac also saves not only space but also the packaging. It has been updated to keep less waste. There are functions for dry and wet sealing. Even more, try, for example, to cook something in a vacuum bag, the result will surprise you. The FoodSaver PowerVac has a built-in limiter, which allows you to put the package correctly. Also, the device has an original design, it will decorate your kitchen.


FoodSaver PowerVac Vacuum Sealer, Vertical Storage


This model is distinguished by its incredible design and quality of work. White devices have a very stylish modern view and blend with the rest of the technique. Moreover, the FoodSaver PowerVac Vacuum Sealer does not take up much space and can be stored vertically. It also provides and saves space in the refrigerator, as it seals food. You just need to put food in a package, place the open edge in the device and press the buttons on the control panel. The FoodSaver PowerVac Vacuum Sealer has been significantly improved in the direction of decreasing waste from packaging, which is important for the environment. The device is equipped with two vacuum functions: you can use dry and wet food.


FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System


The device will help you store food for longer than the normal storage. The FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System removes air from food packages and seals it tightly. As a result, there is no contact with air, which lets food being stored longer, exclude oxidizing them. The FoodSaver is 2-in-1, as it does two things: it finds the package automatically and seals it after sucking out the air. A manual sealer is also into the device, which excludes the purchase of additional gadgets for the kitchen. If liquid comes out of the food, the internal pan will collect it. It can be easily removed, washed, and reused. The device itself determines the moisture content of the product and automatically adjusts the desired function.


GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine


The GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine will save your money on food by extending your time. The device removes the air and reliably seals the bag, so air does not penetrate inside. The manufacturer has taken care of using the device, the top cover is completely removable and you can safely clean the device from the mud. Small weight and dimensions allow storing the GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine without inconvenience. The instrument panel is understandable even for a novice user. There is an automatic vacuum sealing system, touch digital buttons, LED indicators, electrical connector. The GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine has all the necessary characteristics to effectively perform its functions for any product. Once you have purchased it, you can easily start a healthy lifestyle.


FoodSaver 4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System


The device is an assistant in the kitchen. The FoodSaver 4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System also saves space and money as it seals the food inside the package without leaving the air. Food preparations, leftovers, the surplus can be stored for a long time. When you bring the package to a special recess, the device automatically detects it and captures it correctly. This allows you to efficiently seal the package and keep food fresh and fragrant. Built-in roll storage and cutter make it easy to produce custom sized packages to match what you are sealing. The touch panel is self-explanatory. The FoodSaver 4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System itself can determine the moisture content of the products and based on this adjust the program for better hermetic packaging. And if a liquid is released from the products, then a special built-in pan will collect it.


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