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Mexican cuisine is colorful and varied, like the whole culture of this country. This is largely due to the rich historical past of Mexico: for centuries, various tribes of Indians lived on its territory, whose culinary preferences and traditions intertwined into a single bizarre ball, forming an original and original national cuisine. Also, a significant contribution to this already rich and original cuisine was brought by the culinary traditions of France and Spain, which for a long time owned colonies located on Mexican soil.


It is impossible not to note the rich variety of local cereals, legumes and garden crops, which, after the discovery of America, quickly spread throughout the world. Tomatoes, corn, beans, zucchini, pumpkins, sunflowers, potatoes and many other crops quickly won the hearts of Europeans. And before that, they were actively used by local Indian tribes to prepare a variety of dishes that are still enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of gourmets from all over the world.


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Today, corn is central to Mexican cuisine. Fried, boiled, stewed corn is used as a side dish, flour, various desserts and even drinks are made from it. Sweet peppers, finely grated cheese, meat, various sauces and spices are used as additives to corn. Very popular among tourists is a corn dish called “tacos”. This is a corn tortilla with meat filling, baked on coals. There are also steamed corn tortillas called tamales. Another popular type of corn tortillas made from thin dough is the tortilla.


Tacos Tortilla


In addition to corn tortillas with a variety of fillings, Mexican cuisine is known throughout the world for its hot peppers – “chili”, of which there are more than eighty different varieties. I mainly use it for making sauces and seasonings, and also add it to salads and corn tortillas, as a savory filling.

Mexico has a very large selection of meat and fish dishes. As a source of meat, not only large and small cattle are used, but also local game. The most exotic meat dishes of the local cuisine: baked snake or iguana, with a side dish of corn porridge. Fans of “culinary extreme” can also be advised to try “escamoles” – eggs of huge ants, seasoned with sauce. For those who like more traditional dishes, there is also something to try in Mexican cuisine: fried beef tenderloin with beans – “carne asados”, pork stewed with vegetables – “chipile” or minced meat in tomato sauce – “picadillo”. There are more than a hundred varieties of such meat dishes in Mexico, and each of them has its own unique taste.

Fish is also prepared according to old traditional recipes, with the obligatory addition of vegetables, beans or corn. The most famous fish dish is “Yucatan” (named after the peninsula of the same name, which for a long time was the center of the Maya Indians), which is a cod fillet cooked in a special, “branded” way. Also very tasty is swordfish in lemon or garlic sauce. And finally, one cannot fail to mention the “sopa de marisco” – a traditional Mexican seafood soup.

Mexican Food

Unfortunately, dessert in Mexico is not as diverse as meat or fish products. The most popular dessert dish is fried sugar cane, which is called “canas asadas” here. Another interesting dish survived from the time of French domination – sweet bread called “rosca de reyes”, which means royal pastries. Mexicans really know a lot about various pastries: their buns and muffins are very popular.

Mexican cuisine is one of the most ancient and original in the world, which has kept its traditions for centuries and pleases gourmets from all over the world with its exquisite and delicious dishes.

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