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When planning the design of the kitchen, it is important to decide not only on the appearance and material of the furniture but also to properly design the work area. A great idea has recently emerged: a painted glass backsplash: the wall panel is covered with a picture or photo you like.

In addition to their attractive appearance, glass backsplashes for kitchens have other advantages: they are easy to clean and simple to install. Glass finishes are increasingly gaining popularity, so let’s understand the main nuances that you need to know before buying.

painted glass backsplash


Painted glass backsplashes are large glass panels installed in place of the kitchen backsplash. In contrast to conventional glass, a special technology is used to apply some kind of coating in the form of a drawing or pattern to the back surface of such a panel.

The distinctive feature of this type of finish is the combination of protective and decorative functions. At the same time, the quality of both is much higher than other finishing materials.

painted glass backsplash


What kind of glass is used for Painted Glass Backsplash


Conventional glass, but due to its fragility, it is not recommended for installation in the working area;

Tempered glass – its strength is higher than that of ordinary glass, in addition, it can withstand temperature fluctuations;

Triplex glass or Safety glass – multi-layered glass. It is usually used in cars.


More and more people are installing tempered glass backsplash for kitchens. And there are reasons for that. This material has quite a few advantages over others and transforms the kitchen work area profitably and reliably

painted glass backsplash


The pros and cons of tempered glass backsplash


Heat Resistance. Glass is much more resistant to high temperatures than wood or plastic. It will not melt and will not change its appearance, even if you install such glass panels for kitchen walls near a gas stove with an open flame. In this case, the glass is much more fire-safe than the same wood or even more plastic.

Moisture resistance. In addition to resistance to high temperatures, glass also performs well in constant contact with water. It is not for nothing that the best option for the walls of the shower enclosure is this material.

Service life. High-quality tempered glass backsplashes have a huge margin of safety. Their service life can be up to 70-80 years, and their appearance will change very little. Rather, the owners of the apartment will want to update the renovation for aesthetic reasons than out of necessity. After all, the simplicity of the design will not allow accidental damage or spoilage backsplash.

Design. The modern industry allows you to choose the necessary design from a huge variety of different colors, sizes, and patterns. In case the customer does not want to be limited to the choice of a ready-made product, the manufacturer is always able to prepare a sheet glass backsplash according to the individual design of the buyer. This allows you to choose a suitable option for absolutely any style of interior, even if it is absolutely extraordinary.

Environmental friendliness. Glass is one of the safest materials for humans. It is not prone to mold and rot, does not emit toxic fumes, and does not create a greenhouse effect. The only risk when working with such a surface is getting a cut from a sharp edge. However, modern materials make it so strong that you just can’t break a sheet tempered glass backsplash by accident.

Ease of care. Glass is not a porous material and therefore does not absorb grease and dirt, which are released quite a lot during the thermal processing of products. A seamless surface does not retain and does not accumulate plaque and dust. It is easy to clean and dries quickly.

Ease of installation. Decorating the kitchen work area with glass peel and stick backsplash will need only a few hours of work. In this case, the room will not remain a large amount of dirt, dust, or other waste.

painted glass backsplash



  • Quality products are expensive, budget analogs will not give the desired effect;
  • It is necessary to carry out preparatory work since the glass panel backsplash is installed under the garnish. Sockets and places of mounting rails must be determined in advance and cut out on the glass before tempering;

Fortunately the disadvantages are few enough and they do not outweigh the advantages.

painted glass backsplash


Painted glass backsplash decor options

Deciding on the appearance of the future glass backsplash is very difficult since the market and the Internet presents a huge number of options. But it is this diversity that allows you to choose a glass sheet kitchen backsplash for any design. Let’s consider the most popular options for decorating glass.


Painted glass backsplash is the simplest and most popular solution that comes to mind when it comes to decorating glass.

The picture is applied from the underside of the glass – this is a high-tech process, so over time the picture does not fade even in direct sunlight.

The latest trend – is glass sheet kitchen backsplash with a 3D effect, but they cost an order of magnitude more than conventional models. A win-win variant of décor is pictures of culinary orientation:

  • juicy fruits;
  • appetizing dishes;
  • fragrant coffee beans;
  • Champagne in a foggy glass with drips and much more.

Such a picture will always create a mood in the kitchen. But you should understand that too bright colors can quickly get boring, and you can not replace such an image – only together with the glass.

glass sheet backsplash



A film with any pattern can be glued to the glass. The film is often chosen vinyl, but, in fact, any – even children’s drawings on paper – will do. This is sure to add originality to the room, but such decor will not last long: the image can lose its brightness of color, and the film will wrinkle or even peel off. But replacing the picture in this option is easier than ever, which means that the interior of the kitchen can be changed without much expense.

painted glass backsplash


Clear glass

A great option for those who do not want to complicate things. It will look great in modern styles, where there are elements of minimalism. Most often, clear glass backsplash emphasizes the beauty or unusualness of the walls – for example, old brick or intricate patterns on the wallpaper.

painted glass backsplash


Frosted glass

Another classic and universal option. Different in that it attracts much less attention compared to the glossy version. You can use both transparent glasses and apply a pattern to it in one of the popular ways.

Matte surface visually expands the room to a lesser extent compared to glossy, and drops of grease or water may be more noticeable. Moreover, it will be difficult to clean because of water stains.

painted glass backsplash


Back painted glass backsplash

As noted above, you can paint the glass in different ways: for example, before or after tempering – this will affect the longevity and quality of the color. The palette is limited only by the imagination of the customer, but it is best to choose from those tones that are already present in the kitchen. When in doubt, it is worth paying attention to universal neutral colors.


The mirror

Modern mirror backsplash kitchen is a very controversial decision. On the one hand, it is unusual, and beautiful and significantly adds air to the room. On the other hand, it requires careful maintenance, because it shows every speck of dust and grease. In addition, such an apron is only suitable for a kitchen in the style of minimalism, where nothing is stored on the countertop: otherwise, the apron will reflect objects, and the impression of clutter and clutter will be created.

mirror backsplash


Decorative backlit backsplash

Additionally, the working area must be backlit. Most often use LED tape or spotlights. Lighting sources can be divided into two types:

end devices, the devices are installed at the top and bottom of the panel. They are used to mask the fasteners of the glass sheet backsplash kitchen;

Rear, they are mounted behind the panel. When choosing such a system you should be prepared for the fact that its diffusion effect is much lower. The light flux emphasizes the contours of the panel.



How to care for glass panel backsplash

Glass for kitchen walls is a pleasure to take care of. However, for the panel to last as long as possible, it is important to follow the basic rules:

  • first of all, for cleaning, use a dust remover, after applying which, the glass should simply be wiped with a dry soft cloth;
  • to clean grease and oil droplets, especially near the cooking surface, will help a glass cleaner and a special cloth;
  • do not use abrasive compositions, products containing alcohol, and metal brushes.

If you follow these simple requirements, the kitchen backsplash glass panel will retain its attractive appearance for a long time.


The painted glass backsplash is a great solution, both in appearance and performance. The high cost pays off with long service life. A properly chosen variant of finishing will become a decoration of the kitchen and will introduce an original highlight into it.

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