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Many housekeepers want to know what best Pocket Knife Sharpener is to use their blades in home deals. And you can find the spread range of knife sharpeners in any big store: actually, some of them could fit for keeping your items sharp.


Meanwhile, retailers offer to consumers an analog that is easy to use and small to be laid in a pocket, and the main thing makes a good job for the sharpening of the razor. Such models are chosen for different reasons which depend on the types of sharpened tools. That’s why some people try to range the product on several points to select an appropriate knife sharpener.

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Best pocket knife sharpener

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There are two typical types of pocket items that are preferred by users. First is featured with the straight edge blade and in this case, it is highly recommended to take a simple stone for example the DC4 Diamond. This product doesn’t make any problems and is set cozily in your pocket. And the second one contains a serrated edge blade or is used as a multi-tool style therefore it is better to buy a portable knife sharpener including multiple dynamic file angles. Anyway, you should take a sensible choice to make your blades of good quality and not waste your money at all. 


For this one, we offer you an overview of the best knife sharpeners. It will be a list of the products that razor sharpen but besides it, they should easily have a portable setting to be carried in your pocket. After reading the overview we will get an answer about which small knife sharpener will be chosen to use daily.



KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener



This is a small worked horse in your cooking zone that works sharp and makes your blades to be high quality by the way that you will forget about problems regarding cutting of the item. The main thing is that the KitchenIQ Edge Grip fully fits to revise damaged knives and just for permanent usage in your kitchen.


To do your knives to be cut again just make a few moves through the coarse slot. This part of the pocket knife sharpener consists of carbide blades that have preset angles and the very features help your items to function properly in a short time. Also, you have to use the fine slot for polishing the edges with several pulls. By the way, the size of KitchenIQ is a good advantage since you can store it in a small space.


Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker with Safety Rods


The sharpening system is a pleasant choice for that those who want to gain effectiveness in cutting with blades. But how to sharpen a pocket knife with a stone? In this deal, Spyderco’s Tri-Angle Sharpmaker will help you to make the process comfortable. It is enough a few minutes to bring a new life to consumer’s items. The product also includes a reliable ABS plastic base with holes that set the stone angles at appropriate meaning.


The pocket sharpener has two sets of stones made of alumina and ceramic materials. They do deep sharpening (brown pair) and finished polishing (white pair) as well. We should note that the sharpmaker can also be used for serrated blades – apply the rounded edges and loos the grab to allow the stone to put into the seats of each serrature. Anyway, this model of the product has a good quality and fits your needs for your home deals and so on.


ERTDDE Kitchen Knife Sharpener


Then we introduce another knife-sharp brand: this is a 3-Step knife sharpening system that is featured with three slots. And it is a revolution in the field. Let’s watch deeply at the stages of grind. The first step contains rods repair defective blades. After it, the second one restores the shape of knives edges. And finally at the last stage sharpmaker polishes the item.


It should note the ERTDDE material has outstanding quality: the manufacturer designed it as a reliable, strong product to work for a long time like a new one. By the way, it is considered to be the best pocket knife sharpener. But sure, you can select other brands for your needs.


Don’t forget the most sharpmakers are easy to use. And it is related to ERTDDE products as well. Just place the knife in the slots, make a few pulls through it and your cutting item become well functioned one. You will maintain it for a long time again. Meanwhile, there is a hunting knife sharpener in the field we can give you advice on where to buy it.


Professional Noble Home & Chef Sharpener


This model also suits for aims to do blades cutting again. The product is considered a professional one that’s why the set includes ceramic stones of Japanese production that have cut resistant as well. All this allows withstanding long maintenance and fitting for work targets in restaurants.


Besides it, the consumer can select two grit options in one hone. And it is not surprising such function brings new life to the blades since sharps the most aggressive elements of the cutting items. Moreover, it uses about 1000 grits on one side to make the kitchen thing razor as much as possible. It allows understanding how to sharpen a pocket knife.


Also, the Noble Home & Chef Sharpener material doesn’t include plastic or rubber that’s why keeps your item from being damaged when it sharps the knife. Also, the ceramic is non-toxic and doesn’t spread germs. We think it’s the best choice for you!


KITCHELLENCE 3-Stage Knife Sharpmaker


The product includes the following set: apart from field sharpener there cut resistant glove is in it. The glove protects your hands from injuries when you try to make the blades as new.


By the way, the protective one and the sharpmaker itself are designed with a non-slip base and the consumer can control all moves under sharpening works. The Kitchellence cares about the safety of people therefore the brand fits your needs ideally!


Also, we would like to note that all materials of the product are featured by high quality since made of solid plastic which is very durable and strong. Many professional chefs may prove it after first using the item. All mentioned advantages are the best way to sharpen a pocket knife.


Mueller Original Premium Knife Sharpener



The users tell that the model does its work fast and simple as it has diamond abrasives therefore it makes your blades new and sharp again. It is a tremendous diamond knife sharpener! Consumers often choose in favor of the Mueller one.


Besides, the sharpmaker ideally suits to spread a range of different knives since it has a 4 stages process that allows making the cutting items more precisely thanks to shape each angle again. Such angle guides shape the knife elements and make them more convenient in usage. Apart from typical cutting items the Mueller also does sharpen pocket knife to be a razor.


The product is featured by a compact design so it will look perfect in your cooking zone and don’t place a lot of space. This is a nice choice for even strictly customers.


Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener


The product introduces itself as a complete solution for sportsmen who look for an appropriate sharpening system satisfying their needs. The item consists of diamond plates that could be removed to accelerate its functions to sharpen your blades properly. And it is easy to carry in special tools bag because the plates can be stuck during transportation. So it useful feature, you know.


Apart from diamond elements all set of the product also includes ceramic rods, leather strop and guide for sharpening. It is noted that fits well not only to typical knives but for camp tools too. The ceramic rod could rotate to start honing the surface of coarse and fine sharpening stages. Besides it, a tiny ceramic rod needs blade serrations to sharpen them. It is a unique setting that makes the item the best portable knife sharpener.


What else is significant in the product of the brand? We can add such an option as consistent blade edge angles that could build an appropriate guide with diamond plates and for strong honing. Generally, the sharpening from the Work Sharp includes 5 abrasive steps and it means your blades will get a new life. Mainly it gives a reply on how to sharpen a pocket knife without a stone. You never regret it because the item is much better than standard sharpmakers.


DMD Mini Double Side Whetstone-Diamond Ceramic Pocket Knife Sharpener


First of all, we would like to declare the DMD Sharpmaker is designed with a high-quality diamond plate which helps the consumers to make their knives razor speedy in a reliable way.


And the other element, the ceramic plate, takes a good quality on the polishing stage. So the mentioned above satisfies the users more than totally. Thanks to the 2 step sharpening system you can get the aims in cutting measures. It is one of the suitable small knife sharpeners.


Also, the product is portable that’s why it is easy-carry in your gear bag. And you can store it with a knife set in any place without problems, reaching it at any time. It gives you the possibility to carry where you want.


Finally, the DMD sharpening system is easy to use as well. You can add special oil or water to lubricate the product. But remember that the whetstone needs to be dry after usage to prevent available rust on the surface of the item.


Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener


The grinding stone of the product can be selected with two options for sharpening a kitchen knife – stainless steel and ceramic cutting items – eventually it means you can use coarse and fine treatment of knife blades.


To use the product you should plug it in then an electric diamond wheel will grind the razors chipping up to 1 mm off. Impressing digits, isn’t it? Besides, the knife guide fixes the item in the slot at two kinds of angle – fixed and V. So you can be assured that the kitchen knife sharpening is made properly as the manufacturer declares.


Besides it, the consumer can remove the diamond wheel cartridge and uses the cleaning easily. But we need to warn that this sharpener is not suitable for pocket knife sharpening and here adding such cutting items as serrated blades, folding knives, hunting knives and so on. Generally, it doesn’t fit the mentioned above products. Be careful about it! In the whole conclusion, the Electric Diamond Knife is a nice tool.


Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener


This is a traditional German quality that allows you sharpening a pocket knife and similar cutting items. The tool combines the strength of ceramic and appropriate settings of steel and it gives a new life to your old blades that become razor items as in the past when it was used for the first time. Also, note the brand provides an ergonomic handle thanks to you will have a strong grip. This is not a bad choice for home deals, is it? It can be one of the suitable pocket knives sharpeners.


Also, the fine ceramic abrasive in the Messermeister item has about 1200 grits it means you will polish the blades with large precision. And the rod consists of the break-resistant solid core that’s why you will be assured the product never makes you lose. We already mentioned the setting of the handle but repeat that it is easy to use when you razor the blades. And the main thing is the manufacturer provides a long-time warranty to his customers on the product defects. But we hope the brand will serve you without any problems.


Fiskars Knife Sharpener with Ceramic Grindstone


Then there is an overview of Fiskars brand like a charm of sustainable and solid work for making your blades razor. Thanks to this product we can get the answer for example how to sharpen a pocket knife and so on. But on the first order, Fiskars one is better to use for steel knives. Besides, note that the cutting item should be at 30° sharpening angle to gain an acceptable setting. The sharpener is also safe because it contains a finger guard.


Besides it, the sharpmaker is designed with ceramic pocket sharpening stone which strengthens the effect of the product. The main thing is it makes its work easy and fast by simple pulls on the surface of the sharpening system. Generally, it fits your common needs in the household.

The item suits left- and right-handed consumers – the handling is safe because of reliable protection that decreases the possibility of getting an injury. Here we can add a non-slip underside – one advantage else to use it.


The weight and size of Fiskars are compact that’s why the consumer could carry it in their gear bag without doubts and problems. The sharpener is made of both materials: ceramic and plastic it means that the system will be durable under usage.


Let’s go to overview the utilizing in the special fields!

First of all the knife sharpener is suitable for gardeners. It includes grinding works for tools that are used beginning from clearing snow up to planting flowers. Thanks to its versatility the brand is sustainable all seasons of the year. Therefore Fiskars product is appropriate for garden works undoubtedly. The professionals choose it!


As for the kitchen you also never regret it since the sharpener gives a new life to the blades of the knives that’s why the cutting items will perform tasks in the cooking zone properly, from chopping to peeling actions so every housemaker is glad to maintain Fiskars brand.


And finally, the product is designed in Finland that proves quality and durability for a long time. The manufacturer provides a long-term warranty against parts defects but we are assured the sharpener avoids similar cases. It is an excellent choice!


Zulay Kitchen Knife Sharpener


The system is ideally fit for different types of razor tools including pocket knives. Zulay item consists of 2 steps that allow your cutting product to revive and restore its functions. The blades become sharp again and are ready to high perform. All the consumer needs to do is several pulls through the slot of sharpmaker and after that, your knife can be used in various activities. Meanwhile, it has a modern and innovative appearance and decorates your cooking zone perfectly.


You should be assured Zulay helps to remove the dull edges in the cutting items. For instance, the first stage, coarse, gets rid of defects in the blades but the second one makes polishing to finish the sharpening work. Also, the sharpmaker is steady on any space because the item has a non-slip underside, allowing it to fix itself on the surface. The shape of the pocket sharpener sets it smoothly in any slot – not a bad benefit, isn’t it?


Apart from the mentioned above the product contains a protective glove as well. The tool permits the users to sharpen the cutting items in a safe position properly. You can enjoy your activity for example in the kitchen with razor knives that’s why the glove is a nice protection for your hands. Forget it about the dull blades and utilize real quality brands. New life is coming!



Which is the best pocket knife sharpener for straight blade ends?


In this case, the main thing is a sharpening whetstone is solid and reliable as haven’t worked parts so it permits to restore defected edges after that you will maintain the knife with pleasure. But the manufacturers offer a wide range of brands, various sizes, and shapes at any taste. Now instead of natural stones, the producers make use artificial ones in the sharpeners as it is featured with consistent shape and precision. Who knows, what else will be suggested by world leaders of sharpening systems. The field is developing and the consumers could get more impressed settings in the products.



And what about serrated blade ends?


Such pocket sharpener should have followed benefits as multiple bevel holes and rods that first they don’t weigh heavy and besides it easy to use for serrated edge blades. The appropriate sharpening system usually utilizes individual edges and the rod as well to shape the edge on the surface of serration. Also, it should be portable and lightweight to be considered the best sharpener for pocket knives. Therefore it is not surprising the similar product begins to be popular even among backpackers.


What settings do you need to meet expectations about the small knife sharpmaker?


There are three common parameters the consumer should get from the tool:

  1. The sharpener has to make customer blades razor really and without any tricks;
  2. It has to be compact size to place the system in any space, for instance, in your gear bag or pocket;
  3. Also, it has to have lightweight not to your cloth be down at any rate.

Apart from these settings note such point as solidity since the item will rub against various things in the consumer’s pockets. If the user looks for a general-utility tool then select the product with multiple functions for achieving the required state.


Let’s say the price of the tool doesn’t hesitate you too mainly you have got to choose some brand without hurry. We think there suitable and worth sharpmaker should be in the field that meets your needs.



Here’s another easy way to sharpen kitchen knives.

What is the knife tool for pocket knives?


The above-mentioned list of the items is enough to choose the required product and you can select this depending on your preferences. There also a new brand is in the overview. It is important to understand what knife sharpener you want to avoid problems in usage. So we try to show you relevant models and now you should make a choice. Hope now you know how to sharpen pocket knife!

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