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Any hostess faced with worries about the fact that the food will not be warm enough by the time all the invited guests arrive. And sometimes we, trying to keep the prepared dishes warm, leave them to bask on a slow fire for so long that they lose the attractiveness of the view or acquire a consistency far from ideal. Also, often the food heated in the microwave becomes much worse than at the time of cooking. Unfortunately, this is true for almost all dishes, because despite all the convenience of microwaves, they are not too careful with the taste of the prepared products. And eating cold food is often not delicious at all.


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What to do in such a difficult situation?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is much easier than before. After all, there are excellent electric warming trays on the free market! Using this device, you can save your food warmth for few hours. Let’s find out which plates that keep food warm are better and what you should pay attention to when choosing.


If a hostess does not have a wish to serve food in the crockery in which the meal was prepared, there is a possibility to select buffet servers that come with warming pans for food beneath. Special food warming trays are created for them although you can easily use these trays without them if you want to serve directly from cooking pots. But choosing a warming system you should remember that it is more difficult to carry and save such devices and also that they cost more, so you have to select one of them – either a warming tray or such thing.


Before getting home a cuisinart warming tray, we’d like you to learn a couple of things you should have in memory while buying anything.

The majority of modern-day designs look good enough to be utilized at the table for celebrations and kept completely on the cooking area rack. Upper superficies often made from strong glass or the special steel that can manage warm meals being put on them without any gaskets. The rest of the unit is often in a neutral and smooth stainless-steel or colored casing that looks good in any cooking area. All superficies of the device must be simple to clean because they can not be washed under a tap or in a dishwashing machine. 


When it comes to security, no details, even seemingly insignificant ones, need to be studied. That is why, when choosing warming trays for parties, you should pay special attention to the convenience of the knobs, because when transferring food between the kitchen and dining room, this factor is very important. The cable ought to be long enough to reach a power outlet, unless the model is a cordless one. Non slip feet makes it much safer to use around children. It is difficult for families with kids to overestimate the importance of this factor.


By the way, if you have a wish to be absolutely sure that your meals are exactly the ideal heating level that you need, you can choose one of the electric food warmer tray models, which is equipped with a convenient temperature controller that allows you to see how warm the food is at the moment. Another addition that will add comfort to the use of warming meal is the thermostat indicator light. It will show you the moment of reaching the best warmth level. Of course, only the best and most expensive types of these devices are bundled with such regulators, but the result is worth the money spent.

For a large family, buying this kind of electric warming plate will solve many problems at once and significantly make life easier. So, first of all, the use of hot tray significantly saves free time not only for the hostess, but for all family members. After all, you will no longer have to spend time reheating food in traditional ways. Also, it is much more useful to eat warm dishes than cold ones, especially for children.


Knowing all these basic characteristics and features that need to be taken into account, it will be much easier for you to choose a suitable and high-quality electric warming tray.


However, to make your choice even easier, we have prepared for your attention a selection of several interesting models of warming trays.


Please check out this useful list and devices description.



Chefman Long Electric Warming Plate w/ Silicone


  1. The very first heating tray that we will focus on will be the Chefman Long Electric Warming Plate Heating Element. This model is perfect for large companies, as well as for chamber events and regular meals, because it is made in several sizes. The smallest tray, 23″ by 8.6″, is best suited for those who don’t have a big family yet. When you want to save several plates warm at the same time, it is better to choose medium or large toastess warming trays, with dimensions of 15″ by 12″ and 21″ by 16″. The non-stick, heat-tempered glass is matched for almost all sorts of metal, ceramic, and glass bakeware, as well as the smooth style without ridges, lets you position bigger meals on it conveniently.

If you’re trying to find a sleek and also slim food warming tray to prevent mess on a buffet table, this hot plate will help to save space with a tiny but effective burner. When you need to move this warming tray, you won’t require to fuss with pot holders since the particularly built knobs stay cool to the touch. This tray includes one pre-programmed temperature that is enough to maintain food warm yet low enough to prepare it. The on and off button is located in the back of the tray, and the also operation entails a straightforward toggling of the switch.

When using this tray, the manufacturer recommends that all the dishes that you put on it are heat-resistant. It is absolutely forbidden to put food directly on the heater. If your food spills onto the superficies of the tray, the non-stick glass will make cleaning much easier. The tray comes with a 40-inch power cable that can be linked into a 120V electrical outlet. This warming tray heats up quickly enough and keeps food at a completely cozy level of warmth for as long as you require it.





  1. The second interesting heating tray is Oster Warming Tray. It consists of three small trays of 2.5 liters. The sizes of each are 5.11 by 8.58 by 2.44″, which allows you to heat three different dishes at the moment. The 20″ x 13″ heating superficies provide even heating of the trays over the entire surface. The stainless steel case securely protects the tray. Semicircular transparent lids with a lock ensure food temperature preservation. The heat level regulator is located in front of the tray and allows you to easily adjust the desired temperature, which makes it more convenient to use.


The warming trays are made of stainless steel and are safe for food, so they are easy to disassemble and wash. Two stylish black knobs protect your hands from burns very good. After switching on, the tray heats up quickly, and the power indicator lights up during switching on and is clearly visible. It will be easy for you to warm up and maintain the desired temperature of snacks, hot dishes and desserts with the help of Oster. And also it is easy to transfer all of that from the kitchen to the table.

By purchasing the Oster pallet, you acquire a reliable assistant in your kitchen which will quickly and reliably heat food and keep it hot as long as you need.


Chefman RJ22-BLACK-TC-CA


  1. The next interesting item among warmers to keep food warm is Chefman Electric Warming Tray with Adjustable Temperature Control. This warming tray from Chefman resembles the NutriChef design with its smooth glass top, however, there is an indication light on the front of the device, so you will be informed by a look whether the tray turns on or off. Its size of 21″ by 16″ lets you maintain one large frying pan warm or establish numerous smaller sized heat-safe dishes side-by-side. If you require to maintain the heating tray working for numerous hours without turning off, the integrated fuse security function instantly keeps the tray from the breaks caused by overheat. The maximum heat level is 284 levels Fahrenheit, which is not hot enough to cook food however it will certainly keep your cooked meals hot. The tray includes an easy on-and-off operation without any temperature control; it gets turned off just being unplugged.


Black heat-resistant glass makes it simple to cleanse the tray after every usage and the superficies remain great even when the device has actually been running for few hours. The weight of it is just under 8 pounds which makes it lightweight to move between the rooms. Once being unplugged, the tray cools comfort period of time so you could clean it without too much waiting.


Embee CK2420


  1. Timeless Cooking Area Deluxe Glass Buffet Warming Tray is the next heating device which is interesting for us.

This Classic Kitchen area tray is specially developed to maintain a crowded feast warm. This electric warming tray for celebrations is of a charitable dimension, measuring 24″ by 20″ to hold not one but a range of heat-resistant pots, frying pans as well as dishes. It performs at 300 watts of power to warmth the food swiftly. The superficies of the warming dish are made of toughened up glass for ease of cleaning up. The base and convenient knobs are made from durable aluminum. Because of its size, this warming tray is one of the much heavier models, evaluating 15 extra pounds. Make certain you have a safe place to save the tray when not being used.

This heating tray has a flexible heating levels knob on the back to give an opportunity of warming food anywhere from 110 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit for the ideal warming level. An on and off switch is included too. So you can keep the device plugged in but turn it off which is really convenient to use. An indicator light on the front of the device allows you recognize all the important tempetature parameters.


If saying of the cost of this kind of toastess warming trays it is obviously not cheap. You need to pay at least 165 dollars to have it.




  1. If you appreciate the unusual and refined, then perhaps the best option of heating tray will be for you HomeCraft HCRTSCO15SS Triple Round Oval. Its shape is very neat, and its appearance is memorable. And, most importantly, this tray perfectly heats the food.

This is a buffet that consists of three separate pans for heating and maintaining the desired level of heat. The pans are made of ceramic, easy to remove and wash, to maintain the temperature, they have transparent lids with a useful hole for a spoon and a special stand to hold each lid. The round shape saves space, and the 17.25″  by 8″ size fits 1.5 liter pots.

There are three heating controls in it: low, high, and warm. They will bring any tray to the desired level of heat separately, which is incredibly convenient as they allow you to maintain different temperature conditions and cook a wide range of food every day. This electric warming tray is the ideal choice for buffets, festive evenings, and it will delight the hostess and guests. Due to its shape, the heating tray fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen and does not take up much space.

If you’re looking for the perfect multi-temperature buffet, HomeCraft is just for you.


Proctor Silex 34300


  1. Another interesting option of warming tray, which occupies high places in the ratings of buyers, is Proctor Silex Server & Food Buffets Food Warmer for Parties

Electric warming plate Proctor Silex is made of smooth stainless steel what ensures the strength of the structure, even heating, and easy cleaning. Easily converts into a buffet server with three removable stainless steel containers. Heats and even cooks food quickly. Buying one device called Proctor Silex you can use it in two versions: as a buffet and as a heating panel.

Three 2.2 Quart and sizes 21″ by 13″ are large enough for warming any hearty meal, and at the same time, these are compact enough containers are closed with transparent lids with a recess for spoons. They can keep the heating level up to 6 hours. You can place your own heat-resistant pots inside the container. Or use a tray, place a foil on top of it, on which you can heat the pieces of bacon.

There is only one warming regulator that allows you to keep the temperature from minimum to maximum. This model is a great choice for a company or family of two, three, or even 4 people.


Gourmet Elite Platinum EWM-6171


  1. Another, quite similar model of electric warming tray, a little more affordable is the Elite Gourmet Elite Platinum EWM-6171 Maxi-Matic.

Elite Gourmet Elite Platinum EWM-6171 Maxi-Matic 7,5, like Proctor Silex, has two options for using such as a heating tray and as a buffet with containers. It is made of stainless steel which provides the durability of the device. the model is easy to disassemble and clean. Pallet dimensions 25″ x 14.5″ x 6″, container dimensions 2.5Qt. 300 watts of power will heat any kind of meal, and this is more than enough for a large volume of food portions. The knobs made very safe so you can take them and not be afraid of burns. There is a voltage indicator on the warming tray that shows whether the device is working. There is also the regulation of heat level, where you adjust it according to your needs and eating habits. The volume of containers allows you to fill up a fairly large company. The whole of your family members can easily be feed by this one device.

This product is Ideal for holidays and evenings. Using it you can enjoy dinner with your loved one without worries of meal warmth. You should remember that it is not recommended to wash the lids of this warmer in the dishwasher.

NutriChef PKBFWM24


  1. The penultimate type of warming trays for parties, which we will touch on in our article, is the Electric Hot Plate Food Warmer-Triple Buffet Server Chafing Dish Set.

It is another model from NutriChef 2 in 1. It is also can be used as a triple sideboard and usual board. Talking about the dimensions of it you should remember that the product is not rather big – 21.9″ x 10.6″ x 4.9 “. With the weight 7.24 lbs. it can be easily carry from one place or room to another. The original shape of the knobs and their high-qualified material do not allow you to burn yourself and you can safely take these knobs calmly. There is a large comfortable knob for temperature control on the tray. Stainless steel will keep your favorite meals warm. After any usage the device can be easily disassembled and washed which is a big plus. It works very quietly, the voltage indicator signals the connection to the network. The maximum of heating up is 257 degrees Fahrenheit.


Tray Capacity 1.6 Quart (it is about 1.5+ Liter) – for each. If you want to host a party for a small group of 4 people, this volume will suit you perfectly well. For a large company, you should consider another device with a volume of 2.5Qt.


Chefman Electric Buffet Server + Warming Tray


  1. And finally, the latest in our list of popular and high-quality warmers to keep food warm is Chefman Electric Buffet Server + Warming Tray.

It looks like a Square Swedish buffet with three trays. The size of it is 14″ by 14″. A heating board and trays of different sizes are used with this model such as small 1.2 Qt and one large 2.5 Qt. This allows a wide variety of recipes to be used in different sizes. And as a result, you can feed more people.

7.28 pounds is the weight of the device. It can be easily carry from place to place. The heating tray lids are made of durable material and feel good in the dishwasher. Plugs into a 120V outlet. Also, the device can be used with all types of safety glass or aluminum dishes. It is a great helper for family feasts.

This concludes our story about electric warming trays today. Above, we have considered the most popular food warming trays, for evenings, holidays and just relaxation, capable of feeding both a small and a large company, consisting of different materials and satisfying the most sophisticated customer. Any of these plates that keep food warm will fit into your kitchen interior and a good helper for your kitchen. The choice is yours. And don’t forget to smile a little more.

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