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I am Stacy. My story is as light as a butterfly, so let’s fly together. I am a young girl from a good family.

When I was seven years old, I made myself an omelet for the first time. Since then, my love of cooking has grown and grown. I was very happy about it. I improved my skills every year. First, we had a great time with my mother learning recipes from my grandmother’s book, and then there were various shows, social networks, videos, articles, and finally master classes. I have improved myself in this area and still continue to do so. although already without the support of his mother.

Cooking is a very large industry, a large number of cuisines, products, mixes, recipes. For me, it’s like magic, it’s probably not possible to find any words to describe my passion for what I do.

At the age of twenty, I started training with culinary mentors. My favorite direction is desserts. This is what I Job most easily and deliciously. For baking, I specifically adjust to a good mood. The dough feels hands and emotions. It is important. I’m not afraid to experiment, I’m full of love for food and recipes. So I decided to turn my hobby into a blog. This will be useful for readers because I will submit not only informative and interesting articles on the kitchen but also recipes. I will pay special attention to articles with kitchen utensils, I will tell you what I have, what not, what is useful and cool to use, and what is better not to buy. My recipes are quick and delicious. We give advice and teach to cook even those who have never tried.

The main evaluators of our dishes at home are my boyfriend Gordon and cat Mickey.

I love when we cook together, it adds a special atmosphere because Gordon also cooks great. This is how I was instilled with love through the kitchen. Stay with us. You will learn a lot of interesting things.

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