Best White Oak Whiskey Barrel Tables 2021

Best White Oak Whiskey Barrel Tables 2021

Amazing White Oak Whiskey Barrel Tables  


Among the huge variety of tables and chairs that exist today, a series of wooden barrels tables made from large whiskey barrels stand out spectacularly. Such models can diversify the home interior, bringing uniqueness to it. But most often, they are used as a stylish and functional decoration of such establishments as bars, bistros or pubs. 

They come complete with two or four comfortable stools, or without them, depending on the customer’s wishes. 

In addition to the natural function of any table, such models can have an additional and very interesting function. Some of the tables are made with a chessboard on the table top. It does not interfere with the meal at all, and allows to continue the rest with a game of chess or checkers. 

If you have a suitable room and you are thinking about buying a wine barrel pub table, you should carefully study the models offered on the market. You need to pay attention to several of the most important aspects. 

The first is to study the specific material from which the wooden barrel table is made. The more expensive the wood used, the more durable the product will be. 

It is also important to look at the available options and related features to assess what you may need and what will be superfluous. The availability of additional options may be attractive, but not every buyer needs them. 

It can be very useful to learn more about the manufacturer of specific barrel pub tables in order to evaluate the warranty obligations and reviews for these tables. 

And finally, what many buyers pay their attention to first: the cost of tables, which can vary markedly from one model to another. 


Consider these features on the example of several specific barrel bar tables. 


White Oak Whiskey Barrel Table


As a first example, consider the White Oak Whiskey Barrel Table Pub-Bistro-Bar from the leading manufacturer of such tables, Aunt Molly’s Barrel Products. All the models that will be discussed below are made by this company. Because it is very well-established in the market. 

This table is sold separately from the stools and in this basic configuration.

It is made by hand from a strong natural barrel, the material of which was white oak. The diameter of the table is 24 inches, and its height reaches up to 36 inches. The table top is available in two types: black or made of mahogany. The diameter of each countertop variant is 30 inches. 

As an important additional equipment, a convenient bracket for fixing the table top is attached to the table. It will allow you to be absolutely sure of its stability. 

Such a table, installed in a single copy, accentuates any room, from a private apartment and a working office, to a public bar. 


Whiskey Barrel c/36 Black Table/(2) Bar Stools


The next model, the characteristics of which we will tell you, is the White Oak Whiskey Barrel Table-Pub-Bistro-Bar c/(2) 24″ Bar Stools. As the name implies, the table, in this case, comes with two stools, comfortable and very strong. 

The whiskey barrel, hand-crafted into this table, was made of solid and beautiful white oak. The countertop can be either black or red (made of mahogany). The material used for the stools is black wood. All the items in this set are perfectly combined with each other not only in terms of color solutions but also in terms of physical parameters. So, the height of the table is 35 inches, with a width of 24 inches, and the stools are also 24 inches high. The size of the round whiskey barrel table top is 30 inches in diameter. 

A bracket for fixing the table top is attached. 

Naturally, the cost of such a set is slightly higher than the price for a separate table. 


White Oak Whiskey Barrel Table-36/(4) Black Bar Stools


The set of White Oak Whiskey Barrel Table-36 Table Top – (4) Black Bar Stools largely coincides in its characteristics with the previous set of wooden barrel bar tables. The table was also based on a well-worn oak whiskey barrel, which was transformed into an attractive table. There are four incredibly comfortable bar stools in this set, and they are also made of durable black wood, matching the color of the 36-inch countertop. If the buyer wishes, this smooth countertop can be replaced with an equally smooth one but made of mahogany. 

The table top mounting bracket is an integral and important additional element of the table. 

The height of the chairs is 24 inches, which is convenient for using a table with a height of 36 inches. Due to the increase in the number of attached stools, this set is slightly more expensive than others. 


White Oak Whiskey Barrel Table/(2) 24″ Bar Stools


The latest set of whiskey barrel pub tables, which we are interested in this article, has an interesting stylistic and functional addition. The smooth 36-inch countertop is made of the nicest black wood and features a chessboard. This image will not be erased or damaged due to the urethane coating applied on top of it. Two 24-inch chairs come complete with a 36-inch oak barrel converted into this unusual table. 

The bracket for fixing the table top is attached to the set. And as an additional pleasant bonus, along with the table, there is a set of checkers. If desired, for a small additional fee, you can get two sets of pieces at once – for playing checkers and chess. 

Any game room or pub will be unforgettable if you install such a stunning wooden barrel table in them. And any living room will be transformed into an amazing place to spend your free time, giving you an opportunity to eat, drink and play at the same place.

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