CrispyFried Tofu

The Best CrispyFried Tofu

Today we are going to
be showing you how to make a vegan version of crispy tofu that is
so flavorful you are just going to love it.


We’re going to start by seasoning
our tofu and you guys have to season your tofu to
give it that full flavor impact that you probably missed
if you had meat prior to going vegan and then
we are just going to fry it to give it that crispy texture that is just
insane we are going to be showing you how to cut this into cubes.

So think like popcorn chicken or nuggets but
you can cut this into patties or chicken tender style
sizes and you can do the same recipe no matter which size you choose
to make it while it won’t be as crispy.

You can also do this in an air fryer if you
don’t do oil and this can be gluten-free as well
making it top 7 free since we are using tofu it can’t be top 8 free.

Before we jump into the recipe we want to give you
one quick tip on how to make your tofu and it is completely
optional but we highly recommend that you freeze your tofu first
and then you thaw it out.
And then you jump into the recipe and that is
to just give it a more meat-like texture and if you have never tried it this way
you will be shocked at how similar it is to meat so grab your tofu press if you
have one and let’s show you exactly how to make it
all right.

Y’all we are starting with
some extra firm tofu that we have frozen and let thaw again to give the best
texture you can you really want to go with firmer tofu
for this recipe that way it won’t crumble and it holds its shape well.

You are going to put that into a tofu press to get all the water out.
If you don’t have a tofu press you can wrap it in a towel and place something
heavy like a cast-iron skillet on top.

we give more details in the post you do
this so that your tofu can soak up the batter that we are going to be using.

While you wait for that grab a bowl and in it let’s put some seasonings in their
black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning paprika, and chili powder and stir that together.

In a second bowl, we are going to make
vegan buttermilk by combining dairy-free milk and apple cider vinegar.

You can use any dairy-free milk and if you don’t have vinegar you can swap for lemon juice.
and finally, in a third bowl, you are
going to do flour cornstarch. You could sub arrowroot powder,
black pepper, paprika chili powder salt, and baking soda
and then whisk that together too.

These are going to be your three stations so sit them next to each other.

Then remove your tofu from your tofu press gently pat it dry if there’s
excess water lay it out onto a cutting board and cut
it into the desired size.
We wanted nuggets so we
are cubing it by cutting the block in half
thin strips then cubes you can cut it into patties or tenders if that’s the
the size you prefer while you are cutting.

Have your oil
heating up you want to use an oil with a high heat point like canola or vegetable
use a thermometer to make sure it’s at the right temp for the crispiest tofu.

If you are oil-free you can do this in an air fryer.
We give more details in the
post then you are going to do the following:

coat your tofu in the seasoning bowl, then dip in the buttermilk, then the
flour mixture, then back into the buttermilk, then back into the flour.

The mix you can shake off a little excess but
leave some on for a crispier texture. Once your oil is hot enough add your
tofu and cook for two to three minutes or until golden brown.

Repeat in batches until you have cooked it all dip in your favorite sauces.

Throw it into a rice bowl or eat it just as is to heat back up.
We recommend
cooking it in an air fryer for a few minutes to get it crispy again.
Thanks so much for watching the ingredient amounts and details are in
the blog post.

Have a great day and remember to smile.

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