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It’s important to strike a balance between beauty and practicality in kitchen finishes. It is one of the key rooms and also has a harsh environment with high humidity, heat, and dirt in the work area. So in wall covering ideas for kitchens try to use quality materials for practicality and durability


kitchen accent wall


Give your kitchen creativity and personality, design, and create your own style with our kitchen accent wall ideas.

kitchen accent wall ideas

We are used to spending a lot of time in the kitchen: not only cooking but also having family gatherings and meetings with friends. Therefore, there should be an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. Wall decor will help in this case. It is also able to fix small defects or hide flaws in the room, for example, to make the ceilings visually higher. Let’s see how you can make an interesting decor accent wall in kitchen.

kitchen accent wall



Mural in the kitchen – a decor that will suit almost any style of interior. The mural can be a bright accent or just a basic background of the room. It looks expensive and original, so such an interior will please you and surprise guests. Murals accent wall kitchens are durable, do not burn out under sunlight, and do not lose their brightness.


tile accent wall kitchen


Murals with a perspective image increase the space in the kitchen.


tile accent wall kitchen



A budget version of murals is vinyl stickers. In stores, you can find a lot of options for decor, so everyone can pick up stickers to his taste. They do not spoil the accent kitchen wall and are easy to peel off if necessary. You can create a unique kitchen design with their help yourself, without resorting to the services of specialists.


tile accent wall kitchen


The kitchen accent wall is a salvation for a kitchen that has any defects. With the right color or pattern, you can visually correct uneven walls or a low ceiling. For example, a single-colored dark color can add depth to the room.


kitchen accent walls


Wallpaper with vertical stripes can make the ceiling higher, and horizontal stripes will visually stretch the walls.


kitchen accent walls


Photo Wallpaper

Kitchen accent walls can be decorated and create a real art object With the help of photo wallpaper. Many people choose this option because Photo Wallpaper with the right pattern can make a large kitchen cozier and a small one visually larger.


kitchen accent walls


Geometric patterns kitchen accent wall

The difference between this method from the accent geometric patterns is that in the first case, they will decorate only one wall, and in the second – all the walls. If you have chosen geometric prints on the wallpaper, do not overdo it. Look better with monochrome discreet patterns, made with low-brightness paint.

wall covering ideas for kitchen


Stone or Bricks kitchen accent wall

In modern kitchens and loft-style kitchens, designers like to use brickwork. It can be a large or small accent wall. If the budget does not allow you to lay the wall with real stone, you can use artificial or wallpaper with a brick pattern.

wall covering ideas for kitchen



Unusual backsplash

The kitchen backsplash can also be decorated. Various options will be suitable: an accent strip made with paint or wallpaper, stone masonry, and even vinyl stickers. The main rule in this case – is the combination of the backsplash with the rest of the design of the kitchen.

kitchen feature wall


Ceramic tiles are still very popular and are mainly used to decorate the backsplash. It is a durable material that can withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations.

On the Internet, you can find more kitchen accent wall ideas featuring tiles and choose your own.

The trendy kitchen trim element Glass Backsplash is most often made of tempered glass. In addition to its decorative function, it is an excellent option for functional protection. Tempered glass is 7 times stronger than ordinary glass, so it can easily withstand the high temperatures to which it may be exposed in the kitchen and is also easy to clean.

Glass Backsplash

Depending on the style of the kitchen interior, you can choose a suitable pattern of any complexity, which will be applied to the Glass Backsplash using ultraviolet printing. The temperature will not affect the quality of the design. It will remain in its original form if all the techniques are followed.


Wooden slats

Wooden slats are a popular element of decor. It can be used not only in the interior of rooms but also in the kitchen.

feature wall in kitchen


Plate decor

Another popular option is the feature wall in kitchen from different in size plates. Designers note that it is especially suitable for interiors in classic styles. To get the perfect decor with dishes, adhere to the following rules:

  • The plates should be hung symmetrically with equal intervals;
  • Choose a common idea: interior style, print, color, shape or something else;
  • Before you hang the plates on the wall, think through the concept. It is best to cut out from paper similar to your plates and make from them the desired composition. And then replace the paper versions with real plates.


Mirror kitchen accent wall ideas

Mirrors are an unconventional way to decorate walls in the kitchen. But sometimes they are a great help. For example, for a narrow long kitchen, using a large full-wall mirror is a great solution. It will visually expand the space, the kitchen will seem larger than it really is.


The composition of small mirrors also looks interesting. This is one of those useful small kitchen accent wall ideas because you can use them to add light to a room by hanging them in front of a window.


Chalkboard Wall

You’ve probably noticed that chalkboard walls are in the design of cafes. This trend can be adopted and applied to the design of the kitchen. On such a wall you can change the design even every day, draw together with children or leave notes for yourself or loved ones.


Posters kitchen accent wall

Posters are a simple and budget-friendly option for decorating kitchen walls. You can hang one large poster above the dining area or use a composition of smaller ones with images on a kitchen theme. Vintage posters or imitations of them are popular – they can be placed in frames for more decorativeness.


Plaques and Signposts

For those who like vintage, retro, and pop art, the decor with the help of various signs, signs, and inscriptions will do. These are great accent wall ideas for kitchen  You can hang them yourself without even having to drill the walls. In construction stores, they sell special Velcro fasteners that do not spoil the walls.

wall covering ideas for kitchen


To keep the essence and color tones of your kitchen also use calendars, plants, pictures or picture frames, various shelves, and drawers for storing kitchen utensils.

These are great ideas for kitchen feature walls. that you’ll need.


How would you decorate your kitchen accent wall? Share your ideas with us.





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