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Black is the color of elegance and drama. The right choice of the black dress allows you to create an exquisitely graceful and spectacular image. Interior details of the corresponding color have the same property. A kitchen with black appliances is quite a stylish and bold solution. With black objects, the interior looks more severe and at the same time more luxurious.

There is a fashion for appliances too, and designers almost every season offer us updated versions of already familiar items. Black appliances continue to be at the peak of popularity. And if it is easy to pick up the color of cabinets from white counterparts, to black it is necessary to work hard. Thanks to the designers, who chose the best options for us.

Many questions and doubts arise. What color cabinets go with black appliances? With what to support it and whether it is necessary at all?

This article contains the best ideas for kitchen color schemes with black appliances, and for their combination, able to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. Let’s break it down and look at examples.

Stylish kitchen with black appliances

Black appliances are relevant for many trends, especially for those that are characterized by contrast or roughness.

For example, for the Scandinavian style. Contrast, embodied in the union of black and white, is one of its key features. Therefore, here black appliances are equipped, as a rule, with white kitchens, but they can coexist with gray fronts.

To achromatic contrasts gravitate also styles of Art Deco and modern classics. In such kitchens, as in Scandinavian kitchens, black appliances are complemented by white worktops.

The industrial style is characterized by coarseness. Contrast is not fundamental to this style, so in industrial kitchens black appliances dilute the usually dark or medium-dark furniture.

Loft in kitchen


Black appliances and kitchen color schemes

Wishing to play on the opposites, black appliances are equipped with light kitchens, and not only white but also beige, soft cream, and pale coffee.

In this case, the countertop is also often black, which makes the composition holistic and harmonious. The appliances, matching the color of the tabletop, do not look too flashy or even a foreign element.


Grey kitchen color schemes with black appliances are absolutely organic. One color seems to flow smoothly into the other. Consequently, something to support the color of the appliances in such a kitchen is not necessary at all.

Gray belongs to the class of neutral colors, so if you do not need a star kitchen, opt for a cream gray color. It combines with the black elements of the decor and if necessary can shade certain details, such as the stove, it is only necessary to hide the rest of the appliances in black behind the screen. In the grey cabinets with black appliances, accessories should be made of brass to stylize the space and bring it to life.

Natural Wood

Kitchens with wood-colored cabinets look, as a rule, simple and unpretentious. Black appliances here are accent details that make the interior more modern and stylish. A classic kitchen with wood cabinets, thanks to the black appliances, get a very spectacular and pretentious look.

Light Oak Wooden cabinets and black appliances go perfectly together. See how the furniture sets the tone for Scandinavian chic in this option. The highlight is the black grout for the backsplash and countertops. Depending on your taste, you can introduce additional decor elements, either in metallic shades or in color. Metal will make the space look more understated, while bright colors will add lightness and dampen the drama of black appliances.


Pastel shades are a micro-trend of the current season. If you consciously choose black appliances, try to avoid excessive drama by using lighter shades of furniture. It can be not only blue, but also light lettuce, powdery pink, or salmon. The chic of this interior is added by herringbone parquet, light wood countertop, and apron. Connecting together the whole interior helps furniture handles in black, which when buying furniture can be made separately. –


Most designers agree that there is no warmer, more comfortable eye combination than metallic black and wood. And the wood can be anything: all kinds of walnut, precious species or exotics. It all depends on the number of sunny days in your region: the less sun, the lighter the wood should be. And, accordingly, vice versa. Such an interior does not require additional decorations. Let them be local lighting fixtures.


If you had a classic, pale kitchen before you started the renovation, do something unexpected and turn it into a sunny space through yellow. yellow is an active color, so a balanced space can be achieved with complimentary red. Let it be a few decorative plates or vases, a cookbook in a red cover, or a couple of glasses, it doesn’t matter. And a large terrazzo will help to bring the “image” together.


The classic combination of black and white will be relevant for a very long time to come. If you are a supporter of classics, the combination white kitchen with black appliances is definitely for you. Cabinets can be highlighted with a gray or marble finish, and the bulk of the furniture can be left in white, no matter if it’s warm or cool.

Olive green

For all the ambiguity of green, a warm olive color will be the perfect complement to dark appliances. But here it is important to pay attention to details and accessories. To achieve the integrity of the space and give it a gloss, the details should be the color of brass. If you decorate the kitchen in olive, the other rooms should be as light as possible, otherwise, the apartment will visually refuse to be smaller, and the dark interiors will press on the psyche.


There is nothing better than combining a catchy black stove or refrigerator with equally catchy gold-colored cabinets. A pompous and very beautiful color combination. Combine the space and “unite” the two independent colors with brass accessories and a marble board with a backsplash. Make the floors as simple as possible, so that they do not draw attention to themselves.

Cornflower Blue

The color is, to put it bluntly, a rare one for our stores, and more often than not, you have to wait to order it. But if you have the time and opportunity to wait, be sure to wait, because cornflower blue is much lighter than dark blue and fits perfectly with black appliances, making the space light and cozy. A marble countertop and backsplash add style to such a combination. By the way, house flowers will fit perfectly into such a range. Here’s another reason to choose a beautiful cornflower color.

They also equip colored kitchens with black elements, especially modern ones. And here it is important that the appliances have at least something to resonate with – it doesn’t matter if it’s with the finish, furniture, or decoration. It’s worth bearing in mind that black items will give a colored kitchen a much gloomier and rougher look. While steel or white appliances will remain neutral and allow the color of the fronts to open up deeply.


Black theme kitchen can look glamorous, stylish, and chic if you work with it correctly.

Sometimes a black kitchen island alone is enough to create a stylish interior. In this case, it looks like an art object, standing out with its monolithic and monumental against the background of black appliances and the rest of the kitchen furniture of neutral color.

An alternative solution is black appliances with black cabinets, combined with a white island and white walls. This option is well-suited for large bright spaces, where the black solid cabinets will not look bulky and visually overload the space, and the black appliances in the kitchen are pleasantly combined with the white color of the accent walls.

Another trendy combination is kitchens with black stainless steel appliances. Complement black kitchen cabinets with built-in stainless steel appliances and a kitchen island with steel finish – with a worktop made of tempered black glass or polished stainless steel. This solution goes well with the classic architectural decor of the farmhouse kitchen, working on the contrast between classic and modern.

Lighting in the kitchen with black appliances

Designing lighting for kitchens with black appliances is not an easy task. Light has a great influence on the organization of space. It can be used to visually enlarge or diminish your kitchen, highlight certain areas, and shade others. Our tips to help you find the right lighting solution

Make sure your kitchen is always bright. Have natural light during the day and artificial light in the evening or at night. A well lit room has a positive effect on the psyche and stimulates the appetite.

However, it is important not to go overboard with artificial light. Strongly bright light in kitchens with black appliances hurts the eye and is not always economical from a financial point of view. The more light sources in the kitchen, the less power they should have.

Consider the color scheme of the kitchen. Light walls and cabinets will reflect up to 80% of the light, while dark ones will reflect only 12%.

When organizing general lighting, you need to consider as much natural light as possible. In order to have a lot of light in the kitchen, you should use transparent or translucent curtains or opening blinds.

In small kitchens with black appliances, it is recommended to use light wallpaper and curtains, so that the light streams reflected from them, visually expanding the space.

As sources of light can be used directional lights, which will not blind the eyes of people sitting at the table, or LED strips that give diffused light – quite enough to work. The simplest option is the usual overhead spotlights that are mounted directly on the bottom of cabinets.


Integrating black appliances into the kitchen interior:

three tips

1. Color uniformity is not mandatory. There is no need to buy all appliances in the same color. When equipping the kitchen with only black appliances will feel the excess of this gloomy shade. If the size of the kitchen is modest, this option is undesirable.

It is quite acceptable to have appliances of different colors (two, three or even four) in the same interior. For example, in a white kitchen, a black hood, black refrigerator, steel cooktop, white oven, and a red accent toaster can coexist.

2. Don’t look for something to support the black appliances in the kitchen if the countertop is also black. It’s enough to make the kitchen work area look cohesive and complete.

3. if the fronts aren’t white or gray and the countertop isn’t black, pick up a few details to match the appliances. These could be posters in black frames, lamps, bar stools, table settings, window treatments, etc.


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